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So Tired

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Maybe I'm just being a baby. I had my 25th round of chemo this past wednesday and since then I have been so tired. I have had fatigue before but it never lasted this long. I just have no energy at all maybe it's just all finally catching up with me. I just get scared that maybe it's getting to be to much and my body is saying "no more". I hope this passes soon,hate feeling like a burden on those around me.
Sorry to whine so much but just hate being tired and sluggish. Before this round I usually bounced back after a day or two. This time the fatigue just seems to be hanging on.

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Almost every round of chemo kicks my butt. I hate the tired sluggish feeling also! I started working out on my good days and found that it really helps when i know the sluggish days were coming. I still get tired but its not as bad. Just stay strong and positive. I know its easier said than done but i really believe our minds have a lot of control over our battles.

Hugs and prayers

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Kerry S
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Yep, that be chemo fatigue. It beats the hell out of you. Hang in there you will bounce back. Just takes time. At times I thought they were doing their best to kill me.


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I am sorry you are feeling so tired. I just had round 22 of folfiri + avastin + feel totally exhausted. I hope tomorrow is better, for you + for me. Along with the fatigue from chemo we need to make sure we get enough fluids because if we don't that also causes exhaustion. One time I was so badly dehydrated I had to be on IV saline for a week (a few hours each day). I find after chemo sometimes it is hard to get the fluids down if I am feeling really crummy. Here's to a better tomorrow!

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Nana b
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25 OMG, of course you are!!

I wish I could help..sometimes I wish I could carry some of the burden for those that aren't NED. I HATE CANCER!!!!

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Sending out some energy vibes your way. Hope you feel better soon.

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I can only imagine, Deb.

Congrats to you for staying with it - I hope you get can get a break and re-energize yourself, you really deserve it. And sure sounds like the body is just tired of it as well - we can only take so much of a whippin' at one time.

I hope you feel better and can stay with it - are you nearing the end of chemo? Or you have to continue on further? Sure sounds like a strong regiment they have you on.


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Joined: Nov 2009

Thank you all for the support. I am feeling better today. It just freaked me out that I was so tired. I hadn't felt that tired for a long time.

I am about half way through the latest chemo combo. Had 13 rounds of FOLFOX and had progression so onc switched me to Iriontecan and Vectibix and have completed 12 of 26 scheduled treatments. So looking at finishing up next spring.

Don't know what will happen then,am currently inoperable so might be on chemo for awhile. Thanks again for your encouraging words and support.


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I'm so sorry. I do hope and pray this improves for you.


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Hoping this finds you feeling better, wow, 25 rounds, that's a heck of a lot, I'm just on round 9.
Sending you some positive vibes in the hopes your energy gets back up quickly.
Thinking of you.
Winter Marie

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