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Colonoscopy accuracy?

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Joined: Jan 2010

Hi I was just curious how accurate colonoscopies are at detecting tumors? I have had blood in my stool, as well as loose stools for about a year now. I had a CT which came back fine, as well as a colonscopy that came back fine. What are the possibility of both things missing it? I am 24 years old with no history of cc. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!!

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My surgeon, who also did my colonoscopy takes his time. He spends at LEAST 30 minutes looking in all the nooks and crannies. Yes, some polyps have been missed by some physicians. If they're in a hurry, they will often miss them. I've also heard that it depends on the time of day you have your scope. I've heard early morning is better than afternoons for finding stuff in there.

It takes a while for a polyp to grow big enough for a CT to pick it up. Who knows?

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Thanks Holly!! I don't know how long mine took because I was under a sedative. It was a gastroenterologist, which apparently is better than a regular GP, I've heard. I figured if it was big enough, they would have caughth something. Thanks again!

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Have you checked with your gastro doc about other possible causes other than cancer?

I don't have any direct knowledge of the symptoms of other problems but it may be some other intestinal problem.

Keep after the doctors, change docs if you must, until you get an answer and appropriate treatment.

Good Luck,

Marie who loves kitties

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