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How do you count remission?

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Hope every one is doing well this evening. I'm wondering if anyone knows when you start counting the time you start remission? I was in remission after my second cycle of RCHOP in December 2009. However I believe doctors count from when you finish treatment, which for me would be February of this year. So at what month would I be one year disease free? Does anyone know? And yes, I know I have many months to go before we are there.

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Ah Leslie I love that word REMISSION!!!!! when I had my head and neck cancer they counted after you are completely done treatment........ Good news either way!!!! Vinny

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Does the count start after chemo or after radiation?

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I think it's from the first clean scan, whenever that may be. BUT I believe we are survivors from DAY ONE of diagnosis.

Just my opinion.

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