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Happy and sad...

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tomorrow we pack for the 'switch' on EARLY Tuesday morning (the car is picking us up at 6am to take us to Amsterdam). We are preparing the house today...washing stuff, cleaning...

I'm happy that I get to see my family and friends in the US (VS here), but I'm sad to leave my friends here...Oh, well, 3 months from now, we'll be turning around again...just in time for FIREWORKS on NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!

HUgs, Kathi

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It sounds like a great life, Kathi! It is so neat how you alternate countries. I bet there will be a lot of people eager to see you in the US + then again when you return to Holland. Have a safe trip.

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I bet it is hard and yet so exciting. Gives you something to look forward to every few months.

Peace and Calm,


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You get to do so much traveling! Enjoy all of it.


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