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New To The Block-Cervical

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Hi this is the first time i've been on this site, I just joined but wish I knew of this place 2 years ago when I was going through treatment. i was diagnosed Dec '08 with stage 4 cervical cancer, had a complete hysterectomy and about 13 lynph nodes taken out, chemo, radiation internal and external. Peeing is def.not the same any more but im use to it now. I have more problems with bowels, i get about 2 mins max when I know I gotta go before I have to be to a bathroom. I've had some close calls..lol My doc says try some imodium to calm things down but that just stops things for a couple days. Anyone dealing with this? Maybe its from radiation of the area. Sex not the same either, hurts some of the time and my husband only gets to use half of what he use to. What really bothers me the most is I'm constantly thinking about the cancer coming back and I live in fear every day. I'm about a year and a half out of treatment and things seem to be ok but still can't stop the thoughts, would be helpful a little if my doc would have done a PET after treatment but doc says plan of care doent call for it. Anyone got any suggestions? Or does everyone feel like that?

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Hi! I'm sort of new to this also, but there are alot of great people on this site. I'm 3 months post treatment with stage 3b2 cervical cancer.Have some the same side effects as you. I take fiber tablets 2x day and has seemed to help some. Still have urgency at times but not constantly. I think we all live with the thought (fear) of the cancer coming back. I try to remain positive and believe that I beat it! You are a survivor!

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Two years out of treatment in August...my story is much like both of you. The bowels and bladder have a mind of their own, but you do get used to your new 'normal'. Dysplasia set back in 6 months ago and the docs says we will just watch and wait (have had two colposcopies since)...still keeping the appts. every six months at this time. It's with me in the back of my mind, but I am finally starting to live again now that all the side effects of treatments are lessoning and I can't let those thoughts mess with all that I want/need to do. I find myself getting very intense about making sure everything is in order...just in case. Trying to do lots of improvements on the house...in case my husband needs to sell. Can't get life insurance now...no one will accept me. Living each day to it's fullest...dog tired at night.
I refuse to be a statistic! I am a survivor!!

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