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biopsy of head

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Noticed my husband had a small "knot" on his head, we mentioned it to the radiation Dr. and he suggested a biopsy. A couple weeks ago after a bone scan they found cancer at T11 (back) and it was causing pain, so he will have radiation (10 treatments - today was treatment 5..yeah--halfway) but he is having lots of swelling. Went to onc. today and they gave him some meds for swelling and hopefully this will help...think the swelling could be from radiation (or liver)

We also talked with Dr at Chapel Hill about SIR Spheres yesterday. They are checking with insurance and will get back to us after the radiation is complete. Two Dr are checking into clinical trials and will get back to us (This sounds like Donna's story in July)
The onc. said this morning the biopsy may change the clinical trials.

Anyone ever had "mets" on their head? The Dr. said she thought it was a "met" but couldn't be sure until after the results were back, should be Monday. Seemed to be in soft tissue...
He seems to be alert and no memory issues. Dr. said sometimes cancer likes the bones...

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I'm so sorry. I don't have answers, but I'm praying for you and your husband.


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