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Someone asking for money

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Joined: Aug 2010

Hi everyone.
I'm not sure if anyone else received an email like this today or not. Someone saying he is from Poland and needing me to send him 5000 euros. It was in a private message. It was really disturbing.
My Mom received an email the other day from a friend who said she was stuck over in Europe and needed money to get home. It was totally false, her friend was fine, but they hacked into my Mom's friends computer.
I never expected to have this happen on this site. I deleted the email right away.
Thanks for listening.
Linda and Ellie

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I guess I have just been lucky so far. That really annoys me that someone would hack into this site that way.

Posts: 272
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks Anne. It really stinks that there are such rotten people in this world.
I appreciate the comment.
Linda and Ellie

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Unfortunately we are not safe anywhere on the computer from those who want to take advantage of us. You did the right thing in both cases.

I don't think it is the site itself but those low lifes who will pray on anyone.

If you get any more mail that you consider inappropriate, you can contact the CSN folks by clicking at the top corner of the page. It will be helpful to them if you can give them the screen name that was on the message.

We all have to be careful. Any request for money should always be suspect.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hi Marie,
Thank you also. If I get anything else, I will let the CSN people know. I guess you're not safe anywhere. What a shame.
Linda and Ellie

Fight for my love
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I think this is totally a trap.This kind of message cheated many people in China several years ago.Be careful with it.please ignore it and don't response anything.

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Got some weird messages too. Just don't go there if you don't know them. Better safe than sorry :)


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There is a program I use, you can get it free from freedownloads.com, it is spybot search and destroy, and your mom's friend needs to use it if her computer is sending this. It will search out these bots and spyware that are used to hi jack your computers, I have found it works really well, the organization I am working for at home requires us to use it. A keystroke logger and malware destroyer is also useful to use, and they are all free from the site, I use all three along with my antivirus software. Best of luck, lots of "junk" and scams out there today.

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previously read about (don't recall if it was at AARP). Old adage:if you don't know sender, delete. Its a shame

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Didn't get that one, just got the religious one from Susan Smiles. What an odd place to ask for money, with the co-pays and medical bills cancer patients have who has any money anymore.....


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