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A great big Thank you

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Joined: Sep 2010

Last night my Husband and I sat down and read all the comments everyone sent. And we would like to thank each and everyone of you. Everyone has been so nice and made me feel at home and calmed many of my fears. My husband we shocked at how many people stepped up to help. He wanted me to thank you for him. He said he want to make it better for me but just don't know what to say and all of you knew what to say . My husband hold alot back he keeps everything to his self. But he was very happy to see so many people reach out to me and make me feel better and put a smile on my face.
Thank You

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Glad we could help. We're all kind of in this together


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Kerry S
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Joined: Dec 2009

I did not find this site at first. My mess started in 3/08 and only found these wonderful folks late 09. I am happy for you in finding us right up front.

The loving help you have and will get here is truly priceless. We can and do talk about anything that is a problem to any of us. Just look at the help I got today.

Now if I had only listened to Buzz right up front and got a damn tube top, I would not have had crap all over me this morning.

The other thing I want to get across to you is I am a stage 4 old guy. I will beat this crap. You are young and strong. You will beat this crap. Attitude Attitude Attitude!!!!


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While the reasons that brought you here are unfortunate, you have come to the right place, I have only been posting since June, but can tell you these are some of the greatest people you will find anywhere


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LOLOLOLOLOL......Sorry bud, we're like grumpy ole men..can't stand not to aggravate each other...Buzz

I can laugh at ya Kerry cause I've done it twice........ :)

Natalie, We aggravate each other cause thats what we have been raised to do, and I don't think Kerry would have it any other way. I have a feeling that his wife is an extraordinary woman for loving someone as "Honery" as he could most likely be...I think the internet brings out the best in him and he uses it to the max advantage...us ole men don't get much excitement in life so we simply make it up as we go........

Love to all, Buzz

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I am glad you are finding this site helpful. I sure find it helpful + comforting. Take good care.

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Dear Natalie, we were all 'first timers' here and know how devistating a cancer diagnosis can be to the patient, their family and loved ones. That is what makes it easy for us to give encouragement and hope to those who have found their way here after us.

Please encourage your hubby to chime in here too. We have lots of 'spouses, partners, significant others' who participate as well, even though there is a seperate care givers board. I think the thing that makes it special here is the cross section of ages, circumstances, treatments, etc. Yet they are all bound together as we all truely want to help others find their way.

Glad you got a smile...Kerry and Buzz and Sundanceh are particularly good at adding the humor. Not to say that others aren't but those guys are the 'ring leaders'...lol.

Keep posting. The family here works together to help us all.

Marie who loves kitties

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this board has been a life saver, I did not find it until after my surgeries and when I began Chemo and I wish that I had found it from the beginning. The people here are wonderful and whenever you need annything even a kick in the pants someonw will step uo and oblige. And the humor here is so needed. At least once a day one of these crazies will post something that just makes me laugh so hard. As one other person said, we are in this together! Hard to fathom that a group of virtual strangers can become such and important part of your life, but they do and I wold not have it any other way!
Tace care, be strong and you will get through this!!

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to our board you will find help ,console , and many times fun!
cheer up!

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Sorry that you had to find us and glad you did! You'll find great comfort and laughs along with the tears and heartbreaks. We all work hard to live with all that life shovels into our path and, by gosh, sometimes it's done with such grace it'll bring a tear of wonder to your eye.

all the best, Leslie

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Nana b
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Joined: May 2009

It's awesome that your husband is reading the posts...part of the journey!! You can do it, if you ever think you can't, just come on this board and we will kick your butt all the way to smiling! lol Hugs!!

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