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Chemo not working on new tumors

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My father just finished his 2nd round of chemo for extensive small cell lung cancer. We are waiting to have the CT scan done but he said something about the chemo will not work for any new tumors growing. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks!

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Concern for dad,
I am sorry I wish I had a answer for your question , My husband had cancer of the throat He had 7 weeks of chemo and Radaition the cancer came back this year they are treating him with Carosplatin the tumors are getting smaller . but for each person it coould be different.
I know that someone can google my post and read them, I am not worried about that. I am more worried that If I do not ask and find answeres We will lose.
I think we all need to be as open as we can to find the right answers, who knows maybe a cure for the big C.
It could be like my husband they done Cisplatin Chemo that worked but did not kill the cancer cells, So they would not do that Chemo again. So this time they are using different drugs Carbosplatin.
Anyway I know this is not much help. I just want you to know that I am not scared of what I post. I try very hard to be honest and tell what I know. It is worth it if it helps my husband.


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