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You guys came through again!

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I've felt pretty crappy the last few days, but nothing as bad as last round. I was up and about today. A full 2 days earlier than my last round. Thank you for all the kind thoughts and well wishing. Your time was not wasted. Thank you.

Priscilla. I am sorry about your husband. Time may be short, but I think there is still hope. Your husband could get a living donor transplant. If he can eat. Give him milk thistle and resveratrol. You can mix the 2 and you can get the liquid resveratrol. I would also give him 5 daily doses of liquid vitamin d. I've had 2 liver resection. The first went ok. The 2nd one took me to the brink of death. After 3 dozen surgeries to try and save me. I began taking that mix. I went from 6 hours to live to perfect health (except for the cancer). The liver can heal itself very quickly and he doesn't need a bunch of it to live. If the mix works you'll notice pretty quickly. I began feeling better within a few days. I was 100% in just a few weeks. Also, listen to John about TCM. There may be something that can turn those bile ducts inside out. There is also an artificial liver being tested. It's designed to buy a patient time while his body heals itself. I would look into that. It's still in trials but you may qualify.

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I know it's hard dealing with cancer and all, but how about a pic with a lovely smile on it???
You look so intense, which I'm sure you were at the moment.
But still, it'd be great to see a handsome face such as yours with a smile.

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You're an amazing guy! The determination and courage you show
is something that helps all of us in our fight for survival.

I'm not much for organized religion, and I don't know if that
"guy upstairs" listens to me anymore, but I've been dropping
hints that you're a pretty nice guy.

Stay well.


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Here is a pic from this past weekend. I'm looking pretty rough so I included my wife in the photo. Of course, I just realized that makes me look mush worse. Oh well, it was with her or my son, my son makes me look terrible.

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And of course she looks gorgeous !
Best to both!

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Don't kid yourself (or try to fool us), you look great. Your wife is gorgeous + has a smile that could light up a Christmas tree. I am glad this treatment went better than the previous one.

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