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Amazing comeback

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OK, open thoracotomy on the 16th...home on the 20th... today I walked 1 mile, went to my teams practice and stood and coached for 1 hour.. couldn't throw or move but the bark was there and I feel well with only advil. I drove home. You can come back faster and I know there will be setbacks but today was a good day.

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man, I love to hear those kind of stories.....made my day buddy, I sure am glad your doing so well...I step up to the plate in 2 weeks.....Its gonna be a grand slam.....Good to have the ole (metaphor) Chip back........Take care my friend and enjoy the great outdoors...Buzz

C Dixon
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Hahaha. You r the only person I have heard use this word otherbthan my husband!

Chip, Yeah! I got home from a liver resection on Sundat that occurred the previous Wednesday. I feel just fine like you amd I share your joy! Now infant to drive!



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So glad to hear that you are doing so well since surgery. Sounds to me like you have more energy than the young ones you coach.

Keep up the remarkable recovery and tell the team that they have to get out there and win just as you did!

Marie who loves kitties

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Amazing, amazing, amazing. It is so good to hear from you!

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Hi Chip,

Wow- that's so great- so glad to hear you're recovering so well!!!!
Keep up the great work- just be careful not to overdo it.


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How wonderful to hear your good news!!!
Winter Marie

tootsie1's picture
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Wow, wow, wow! You are THE MAN! That is awesome news, Chip!


grammadebbie's picture
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What awesome news. I'm so happy for you and will continue to keep you in prayer. Keep up the good work and be careful not to overdo.

Big Hugs and Prayers,


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You are truly amazing that you just had surgery and you are already out in the active society and walking that far - wow. Glad you are doing so well. You are thought of and prayed for. You have such strength and courage.


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Good for you, Chip! glad to hear you're doing well. holding you in the Light for continued strength and joy!

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I'm not sure what a thoracotomy is, but it sounds just horrible! I hope it has nothing to do with the thoracic, you can't really remove that!

I agree with Buzz...you ARE the man! Four days out from surgery and you're that active?? Congratulations! You're going to bounce right back!

Glad to see you posting, Chip! Though i've been out of the loop a little, i can't recall seeing any posts from you in a while?


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Wow, another Superman! I can't believe you have done all this so soon after surgery! You are amazing. I am glad you are doing so well + thanks so much for letting us know.

Fight for my love
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Wow,nice,this is a really speedy recovery.Wish you the best.Take care.

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Good for you. You are like many others on here, setting the bar as high as possible. Inspiring others to keep on keepin on. Hope you continue your speedy recovery.

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Thank you for sharing your great news! You are amazing!


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Amazing recovery! To see a fellow fighter bouncing back so quickly after surgery is what keeps the rest of us fighting! Stay the course and you will be back to full function in no time!

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Nana b
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Thumps Up!!!

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Truly Chip it is nothing more than what I expected for you. You have proved time and time again you are tough.Cancer does not respond to bul...! . You are the real deal.Ron.

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You are a true Warrior! I'm glad to hear that your recovery is going so well!

Posts: 810
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Hip Hip Hooray!

Anonymous user (not verified)

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that is fantastic!

Hugs, Kathi

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Fantastic Chip! Keep on Keepin' on!!!!!


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You really are superman. This is great news, hope your speedy recovery continues, more importantly hope they got all of the beast !


Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

You hero!! Good for you!! Excellent.


HollyID's picture
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Chip, you're amazing!!

So glad you're up and about. Listen to your body and don't overdo.

SO glad you had a good day!

Love and Hugs,


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Now 20 years more of health!

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Looks like you are, Chip!

That's really fast - gonna start calling you "Rubber Man" 'cause you bounce back so fast.


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Kenny H.
Posts: 503
Joined: Aug 2010

encouragement!, great news also.

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This is great! Excersise is good! I wish I could get my husband to want to do more physical activities. I think it really makes a difference on the body and the soul!

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I am glad you had a good experience as I did w/ the thoracotomy....the MDs tend to make it sound worse than it really is. I was digging in my garden a week after mine last year. It does take some time to get your overall strength back so don't rush it but as I said before rejoice in the fact that your insurance and your doctors wouldn't do it if it wasn't a good plan and had great potential of super results. Getting off those pain meds really helps feel and act normal also, huh.

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So, so glad that all is going well for you. This was a big surgery, and I know you were worried. Congrats and keep on healing!

all the best, Leslie

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