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Natural fertility options - Wilms Tumour survivor 35

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I'm a wilms tumour survivor from aged 4, now 35.
Previously I was on synthetic hormone replacement with irregular cycles then if I forgot to take them would experience menopausal symptons. For the last year I have been on BHT creams, which is the natural alternative and my body is starting to repair itself, and although sometimes irregular, according to blood tests working somewhat "normally" which gives me a little hope.

Has anyone out there gone down a similar road, when looking for fertility options to start a family. It seems like an impossible task, and had always grown up being told it was an impossibility to have children. But when I read some of these posts, you get to thinking what if?

Would love to hear any feedback, Tash

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Hi Tash,

I'm a Wilms survivor from age 7, I'm 53 now. For years, I thought I would be unable to get pregnant. Didn't intentionally go the natural route...I did, however, take fertility drugs (didn't work so discontinued)and followed that with a procedure (I'm spacing the name of it?) where they inject something into fallopian tubes to clear any scar tissue. 1 1/2 years following that and at age 39, I became pregnant. Just over a year following the birth of my son I became pregnant again, and had a daughter.

At both conceptions, I happened to have had bronchitis and had taken a dose of regular Robitussin around ten minutes prior. I attribute both conceptions to the Robitussin. Shortly thereafter, I read that those hoping to become pregnant with a boy can increase their odds by taking Robitussin just prior to intercourse. Something about it thinning secretions which assists slow sperm to swim faster? Anyway, I suggested this to 3 friends who were trying to get pregnant, and within a month, all did. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I think it is worth a try.


p.s. Also worth mentioning...I stopped working out prior to both pregnancies, too, which I think helped.

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Thank you so much for replying; I'm going to check that out. It's really hard to know where to start.
Thanks again :)

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Hi Tash,
I am a Wilms Tumour survivor from Australia. I am 34 now. Had it when I was aged 7 and had my right kidney removed. I had 20 months of chemo. I tried to fall pregnant when I was 28. It took 13 months to fall pregnant the first time then I had a miscarriage. I fell pregnant again after about 4 months only to have another miscarriage. I fell pregnant again about a year later and had yet another miscarriage. I thought at this stage that I would never been able to carry a baby. After undergoing multiple tests that all turned up negative, I fell pregnant again. This time the pregnancy went full term and I gave birth (c-section) to a very healthy baby girl who is now 3. I got pregnant about a year later and had an ectopic pregnancy. Shortly after that I fell pregnant again and went full term and gave birth to another baby girl.
I too suffer with very irregular cycles which is probably why it took a while the first time to fall pregnant. Although I experienced many hurdles along the way, I now have two healthy beautiful girls. When I was younger, there was a lot of interest from doctors as to when I would start menstruating and my specialist told me that I may never be able to have children. Those fears were unfounded thankfully. I hope this gives you hope.
Do you know if you are ovulating OK? I have had a few friends take the drug Clomid with great success. Just a thought. Best of luck starting your family. Sometimes it take the body a while to realise what it's supposed to be doing!

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Hi gregach,

I too am a survivor from Australia. I am 43 and was diagnosed just before 5th birthday. Would love to talk to you some more?

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