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Got good news today

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I am typing this while sitting in the infusion chair for my 3rd of 4 carbo/taxol treatments. I got the results of Mondays PET scan today. Apparently the chemo is doing its job as there was not a sign of the pleura thickening on the PET. Got this news from the med/onc. She was delighted. She recommended that I proceed with the next two chemo treatments as we have no way of knowing if the thickening is gone or just too small to be seen on the scan. So here I am. I did take the liberty of going down to radiation oncology and requesting a moment of my rad/oncs time just because I wanted to tell her the good news in person. They accomodated me and paged her. When I told her she insisted that we go into an exam room so that she could pull up the scan and have a look for herself. She was also elated at the very good response the cancer is having to the treatment. She had to take a quick look at the my liver to make sure it is still clean...yep, as a whistle. She is so proud of herself for her excellent stereotactic radiation therapy to that organ!!! As well she should be. She is incredible, I am in awe of her.

So it is chemo today, another treatment in 3 weeks, PET 3 weeks after that and if all looks good, PET at the end of the year. Woohoo. Thank you God. In addition, thank all of you for the powerful prayers and positive thoughts. I hold all of you in very high regard as you know first hand, what a bumpy road this can be.
Blessings to all,

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Hi, This is the best news to hear today. I am so happy that the tx is working on the plurea, and that your liver is also as clean as a whistle. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Lori

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Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with all of us! That's great! I'm so happy for you and know that you are breathing a sigh of relief right now. The chemo must be doing its thing and hopefully, knowing that, the side effects seem all worth it! You sound terrific and it's really good to hear from you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for continuing good news. Please keep us posted on how things are going. Hugs!

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That's awsome to her that, Steps forware, ya know, I went in today for another tatoo, so they can repositon the radiaoogy,I'm supposwed to be on b & b realaxton, but we're nt process of moving, So 'm dong my best to rt packing done, and my sisers and friend wll do all hard part. God bless them, they all have stuff going on inthierlives,too. But I've learned to aske...which is a big step for me. Keep me in your prayers, as you all in mine

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I remember you mentioning you had a PET scan coming up and have been hoping for good news! So happy for you!!!
I recall you mentioning stereotactic radiation previously as well.. My mom's radiation onc is suggestion IMRT radiation for the lymph nodes and anal tumor. I will make sure to bring up stereotactic radiation as well if the platinol/taxol isn't having the impact on the liver tumor as we are praying for.
Does anyone know the difference between carbo & platinol?
Her doc has her on platinol while your magic potion contain carbo. I am praying that in a few weeks, I will be able to share a similar story

I have spent quite a few time reading thru your stories and so happy to hear you're kicking it strong!!

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WOOHOO Joanne! LOVE hearing your good news!!!!!

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That is truly wonderful news, Joanne! And so wonderful that your onc doc is so attentive, too! Nothing like the reassurance and delight of a favorite doctor!

Thoughts and prayers continue your way!


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Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!!!

Joanne, I am so elated for you. Just so happy and relieved. Prayers have been answered.


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Wonderful news Joanne, so good to hear this. Thank you God is right Liz. Keep us posted.

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I am so very happy for you Joanne.

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I am so happy for you Joanne!!! Its refreshing to hear some good news for a change.Keep up the good work!..Hugs..alyse

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This is wonderful news! I am so thankful you got a good report and have such wonderful Doctors.

Hugs to you,


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Fran Chandler
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Hi Joanne, I was so thankful to find you again to see how you are doing. We meet at Moffitt.
I had my right kidney removed in Feb 2010 and instead of a clean bill of health in June I had bladder cancer. I have been thru the 6 teatments and will get the results Sept 9th. I am so glad that you are doing so well. God takes care of people like you. I am so glad to have met you.

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You sound like one great trooper, too! May the news on the 9th be good!
Good wishes, thoughts and prayers for you,

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Wishing you great news on your follow up!

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Kenny H.
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Awesome!...thats even better than saving money on your car insurance!...LOL.

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