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Ok after all the cancer treatment and , all that that entails ! 7 months clear and cancer free, feeling good this summer
now I have shingles, due , the doc says , from depleated immune system!
any one go through this ? any suggestions, it started on my arm near armpit, then spread around to the back and across the back in a line and a little sneeking down the breast area! now they are getting itchy and hot!
any ideas on keeping it under control in theory? tried capzasin and tried it on small area on my arm, worked then used it on inner arm and near chest, and BURN BURN BURN , that stinks! any how any help out there?
cathy k

Cindy Bear
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Hi Cathy. sorry to hear it. That stinks. My boss had a bad case two years ago. She suffers from migraines and they think the migraine meds lowered her immunity and that's why she got shingles. I have read some home remedies but you should go to doctor, they can give you a shot and other meds. The home remedies would be anything cooling like oatmeal baths, or oatmeal soap, aloe vera and lot of people swear by taking lysine, it's supposed to clear the rash up really really fast.
Good luck and feel better soon.

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I too broke out with shingles 5 months after tx ended...same answer, depleated immune system. I then got hit with another outbreak exactly one year to date from the first outbreak. If you get to the doc within the first 72 hours, they can give you a weeks worth of antivirals that help lessen the length of outbreak...doesn't do much for the burning and itching. I also tried the capzasin...burn, burn, burn. I stuck with calimine lotion and oatmeal baths. This helped some. Did you experience a burning/itching sensation in the area of outbreak a few days prior to them showing up? I did and could not figure out for the life of me what was going on. I knew the second time around and was able to get into the doc just as they showed up. Hang in there, it does go away in time.

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Kat Lady
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I had them last September, got right to the doctor and she gave me pills to take. They cleared up after about a month, pain wasn't too bad, and I realized I dodged a big bullet, as the nerve pain can go on for a long time, even the rest of a person's life. Did you know there is a shot you can take to prevent them? You have to be a certain age, and the shot is expensive, but some insurance companies cover it. I got mine at a drug store last January. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

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I took care of my mom for a few years (she had Alzheimer's) & she had a case of shingles. So, when I heard of the vaccine I knew I would want it. The doc won't give it to you until you turn 60 & they usually cost over $200. I got insurance this March & went in for a physical-I asked for the shingles vaccine & a tetanus shot as it had been 11 years since I had one. They had to ask the insurance company for approval & I was OK'd for both & went in got them from the nurse w/no further charge. This was before I had any other results from my physical, so I didn't know about my cancer. I am so glad that it is out of the way & I no longer have to worry about it. So, if you've reached 60-ask about it! You may have a sore arm for a day or so, but much better than getting shingles.

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