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1 year post Davinci

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Yesterday marked my one year milestone post Davinci! The time has flown by.
Overall my recovery took slightly longer then I thought it might for the pain to reside.
The usage of pads for the past year was the grand total of 1 pad!
Levitra has been working great since about 3-4 months post surgery. Still getting better as I learn the optimum time to take the pill and how ofter to take it.

My last PSA was undetectable inspite of a scare from the Nurse over the phone when she read the test result wrong to me. Make sure they see the < (Less then sign)!

Next checkup will be the end of October with results some time early November.

For the newbies facing treatments hang in there and best wishes to you all as you fight and conquer.

Larry age 55
Davinci at Vanderbilt
Pre Surgery Gleason 4+3 7
Pst surgery Gleason 3+4 7
Positive margin in apex
PSA's 1st year 0

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Very happy for you. Keep it up.

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I am happy that you continue to keep the beast at bay after a year plus all of the good work you do here on this site. I am six months out with zeros and hope they continue like you….You and I for sure have been dry from day one and I will take each and every thing as a blessing…I assume, like me they are giving you 90 day PSA test because of the positive margin (I have 1 positive margin + right SVI)…Do they plan ever to start giving you 6 months test?

I continue with the injections for my ED treatment 2x a week and they have worked since week 3 after surgery (and for me this has been good for the ego) but I am getting tired of them plus I have been taking 5mg Cialis daily (will soon increase Cialis dosage and stop shots)..

Best to you in your journey and keeping this beast under control

BD 55 years old

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BD, I assume at some point they will switch to every 6 months but haven't discussed yet with the Doc. I know part of the theory on the more frequent testing with positive margins is that if the cancer raises its ugly head then we know right away. Doc says then you have the best chance to stomp it out immediately.


griff 1
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yes you have given alot of info to people in your time on this site. i had my surgery on june 23rd and now i am waiting for my 3 month test. makes ya think too much. anyway goodluck and thanks griff

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Congrats on the good news. One of the benefits of reading these posts is getting to know our histories and progress. Tomorrow I go in for my next (every three months) psa consult - we'll see what happens.

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Larry, Im glad the year has went by quickly and everything is working for you. You give me hope for thursday when my cath comes out. Thanks for the call last night. Keep the good reports coming.


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Had my one year anniv in May so I can well imagine your joy/relief as a major milestone passes. In my case, I was lucky enough that they "graduated" me from three month PSAs to six month PSAs. Now I only have to stress out twice per year. Best wishes for your continued recovery. Continue to put distance between you and the beast.

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May you celebrate many more, each and every one a milestone and a reason for hope. I am truly thankful I found this site and the support offered by members like yourself.

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You were just out of surgery when I first started "lurking" here after my abysmal PSA test. I'm happy that you've shared your reports with us along the way, and hope that you always keep that zero.

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Larry, congratulations on the big anniversary. You've been a good friend to many newly diagnosed men in this forum and your success is a great testament about how to face this puppy down and get on with the rest of your life. Hoping that you have many, many more celebrations!

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Glad to hear of the news/milestone.

as an FYI, my doc went from 6month appt to 12 months........ fine with me, commented on that
and he indicated that it will be annual after that (assuming a good report).

hope that you will always be a perfect "0" Larry !


hopeful and opt...
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I hope that you celebrate by really enjoying every day.....as you know, life is very precious.............Ira

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First congratulations to you Larry on your great news. Making it a year is a good milestone according to my surgeon.

I also am in the 1 year and still 0 club and grateful to be here.

I have other reasons also as both my parents died less than 1 year apart so cancer is a big scare to me. My doctor said 1 more 6 month check then if still 0 yearly after that.

Nick...age 53

PS thanks to all who prayed and cared its been a help.

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Larry so glad to hear that you reach this milestone UNEVENTFULLY (well, except for the goofy office assistant - duh!)
Thanks for being there for me and hubby when we were starting this journey. He is doing great!! Still unemployed, but we are so happy some days we feel like we will bust!

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Hi Larry,
Belated Happy Anniversary! Sending out a "high-5" or perhaps a "low-0" would be more appropriate--my attempt at some humor. Wishing you continued success!

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