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would u go to a hotel or home after rai

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I can get my den spotless with a separate bath and hole up in there and not see anyone and have my meals left at the door. i dont have a shower tho--i wud have to sponge bath

or i cud go to a hotel where we have adjoining rooms--
which do u think is best--i dont want to get my husband sick

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I have 4 kids under 10, and only 1 bathroom, and no extra bedrooms, so home is not an option for me. I'm planning on staying at the Hospitality house in the area(hopefully it all works out) for at least 4 days, but might just stay a week to be overly cautious. Not sure what I would do if it was just me and my hubby. On one hand it's nice to be home, on the other hand you want to make sure you can wash all of the radiation away. Have your hubby stay in the den ;)

Mine is next week. Good luck and hope you feel better!

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It is usually suggested that if you have access to a bathroom, to stay home. You are more comfortable and you never know if the maid at the hotel is pregnant etc. Not quite fair to guests. What did your doctor suggest?

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dont go to a hotel if you can avoid it

when they do laundry all the sheets will get washed together

also you will be giveing your maid exposure that he/she may not know about.

you can control things in your house better probably if not see if they will admit you to the hospital for the first few days (if your medical will cover it)

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I live alone, could my little dog stay with me? It probably is a stupid question - one that I am sure I know the answer to, but what is your experience?

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I think your little dog could be home with you, but not in your lap or on your bed. If your dog has her own bed and is okay staying at least 5 feet from you, then it would be okay.Staying in another room is the safest thing for the dog. Maybe a friend could come over to feed and give water to your dog.You should not handle the dog food/ dishes etc. Also to walk the dog. If that is not possible, can your dog stay with a friend for a few days. My dog loves to cuddle, so it would be difficult for both of us.

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Forme - thanks for your response. Little Betsy has slept with me since the day I brought her home, so she is going to cry like crazy, but I want her to be safe. All my friends still work and my sister-in-law is dealing with leukemia and a little crazed with all the oxycontin that she takes. I have a bad leg from polio as a child, so I trained Betsy with the little wee-wee pads (crazy name for them). There is so much to worry, about. I am trying to take one day at a time, but boy is that hard.

I hope that you are doing ok. Did you have a total thyroidectomy? I haven't been on this discussion long, was in the colon ca one. This has all happened quickly just from a follow up CT scan to watch my colon stuff. Funny how you can be walking around with all these problems and not know it. My best to you.

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I'll be at hostel penang first before I head back to home. That's what my friends are preparing before we go to the event.

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I also have 2 little dogs that were lap sitters and slept with me so I was also concerned. I did crate them together in a different room at night, put up a gate during the day to seperate them from me. They did not like the gate seperating them from me but they had to deal with it as it was for their own safety.  I started training them to crate a few weeks before the rai with dog treats as a reward.  They loved the crate which surprised me!  After 2 yrs, they still sleep in the crate at night and let me know when it is their bedtime! Good luck!  BTW - staying at a hotel is a bad idea as others mentioned. You will be radioactive and leaving contaminates for others to be exposed.

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I didn't hear anything about the quarantine until after my thyroidectomy. I just had my post surgery follow up appointment two days ago. Being off work and not being able to lift anything for the past two weeks has been driving me crazy. The idea that I've got another three days of even less to do is something I've been trying to banish from my mind. I could stay at home, but my son has a habbit of coming into my (and my wife's) bedroom every night before heading off to bed. Three days alone in a hotel doesn't sound all that great either. I was wondering: if it's so bad to be near other people, how bad is it for me to be radiating? Does anyone know? Thanks.

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