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Radical Vulvectomy - removal clitoris vulva lymph glands

Posts: 2
Joined: Feb 2010

I wish to connect with other women who have had a radical vulvectomy.

Kath Mazzella

Posts: 181
Joined: Jan 2009

Hi Kath,

I had a partial radical vulvectomy and lymph node removal in Jan 2009, accompanied with 5 1/2 weeks IMRT radiation.I would be glad to talk to you about that, hope you are doing o.k.

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Joined: Aug 2010

Sounds like my mom has gone through the same treatment as you. She had first surgery for melanoma on vulva. They took out 17 lymph nodes and all were clean. She had radiation. Pet scans every 6 months. She recently had pain in groin so 3 lymph nodes were removed. She was told that it is cancer again. Today she has CT scan with contrast to see if it has traveled anywhere else. Praying for the best, of course. Her gyn says chemo, her melanoma dr says radiation again. I think she should go to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion.

Just needed to vent! I hope you and everyone else on here is doing well.

Feel free to email me or add me to any groups that come up.

Posts: 46
Joined: May 2010

Hi Kath,
I haven't had a radical vulvectomy. I am recently diagnosed VIN III and had surgery. I am new to this and had never heard of a radical vulvectomy a month ago. I hope you found some supportive women to talk to!!!! I just want to tell you that I'm sending good thoughts your way and saying special prayers for all of us!
Take care, keep reaching out, and God bless.

Posts: 50
Joined: May 2007

I only had a partial vulvectomy. I would be happy to offer any support I can though.

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