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sleep habits

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I got the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. The problem is I went to bed at 6 pm and woke up at 3 am. So, here I am at 5 o'clock in the morning and wide awake and noone to play with. I've already watched a movie and fixed myself a nice little pain killer cocktail. I was hoping that would make me drowsy enough to get some extra sleep. So, here I am at 5:11 in the morning wide awake and stoned. I'm wide awake,stoned,and bored. By the time every one else is awake i'll be tired again. Maybe i'll lay here and count whatever weird creature my oxy morphine combo can conjure up in my head.

your stoned and bored comrade,

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been there done that LOL. seems I always fell asleep when I didnt want to and then wide awake while the rest of the world slept. Hang in there, and speaking from experience you may want to watch posting while stoned. I sent out some very strange e-mails once or twice due to medication. Luckily I only sent them to people who understood what had happened and we laugh about it now.
your probably sleeping now so pleasant drug induced dreams to you Eric.

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When I was doing Chemo, I was always up while everybody else was sleeping. Plenty of time to have weird thoughts about things.


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Just don't do what my husband did one night when he woke up in the middle of the night. He decided to respond to some text messages, including one from our daughter. She uses her cell phone for wake-up calls, so her cell was on + she got wakened up in the middle of the night to a text message from her Dad. She was not impressed.

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I know. I should just call everyone on my phone list at random and just let the phone keep ringing or scream into their answering machine. I'll call the ones with babies and toddlers first.

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