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medullary thyroid cancer

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I was diagnose with medullary thyroid cancer I was told it's a female problem and a rare deasese is there a male out there with this problem.

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It is most certianly NOT a female problem. Most evidence suggests that is more likely due to an exposure to radiation at some point. My husband has medullary thyroid cancer. Go to thyca.org to look at other findings. You have most certianly been misinformed.

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Hi! I too have MTC! But I am a girl. however i am different in that i am younger then your average MTC person. Had my ordeal when i was 12/13. am now 19. I can sure give a perspective from a childs' view. I am now 19. Had a hard time finding others since it is classified as 'rare.'apparently i was looking in the wrong area, under rare and other, not thyroid. My cancer came as a package bundle with the genetic disorder i was born with (new mutation, go figure). It's called multiple endocrin neoplasa type 2 B. ever heard of it? didn't think so. Ah well. you get what you can. well. i am glad to know i am not the only thyroid cancer patient that was not treated with iodine stuff. good ol surgery and radiation for us! and yea, i did do a bit of cutting and pasting, using some of the same stuff for both MCT posts. lol.

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How did they find out that you had MEN2B? Did one of your parents have it as well?

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I was always underweight and it was basically a really good doctor that saw my symptoms (marfanoid body type, nodules on the adrenal glands, ect. oh, and the tumor, which doctors had previously, though clearly visible, thought was simply a swollen gland) and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. My mom also played a huge roll in taking me to every medical person out there, knowing her little girl was not simply very skinny.

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First, I am sorry that you have this diagnosis. Nobody wants to have any type of cancer. I also need to tell you that I am a Christian so I will say a prayer for you and wish you God's blessings. The reason I tell you this is that many people don't want to hear from someone who has Faith in their lives.

Second, you obviously have a very uninformed and inexperienced thyroid doctor if that comment came from your physician. No joke, get to a different doctor.

Thirdly, I have advanced medullary carcinoma that is metastatic. I wish I could give you great news but med TC is a bigger problem than the more common papillary. Med TC is found in (something like) 5% of all TC cases. Good news is that there is a third more serious and more rare TC that you don't have. If I can answer any questions please let me know.

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For all those who have Medullary Thyroid Cancer, I would suggest you read the following link, there is a bad gene that may be associated with it.


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