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Lost My Mother

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My mother passed away on July 25th after battling Stage 3 UPSC for two years.

Although she was very sick, we were able to enjoy her last month together, looking at pictures, holding hands and telling each other "I love you" as much as possible. My dad was an incredible caregiver through it all.

She was able to stay at home until the last 24 hours, when we became unable to manage her pain. Our hospice nurse was an angel.

I never imagined I would be without her so soon...the years stretch ahead with something missing.

I will carry my mother's strength, generosity and adventurous spirit with me. She was my favorite person on this earth.

~ Al.

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Hold tight to memories for comfort.

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So sorry for your loss, and know your mother is now at peace!!!


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Glad to hear you were able to share your Mother's last months and make some more memories and relive the memories you already had. May those memories be treasures forever.

Hospice is a wonderful thing. So glad your family was able to benefit from hospice. You and your family will remain in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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There is such a hole in one's life when a loved one is lost but time will allow all those wonderful memories to fill it in -- and hopefully for you it will overflow with her strength and her spirit. My thoughts are with you -- Annie

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I know how painful it is to lose your mother and you have my sincere and profound sympathy. Please know that you will always feel your mother's love, whenever you use her things or the things she gave you, whenever you make her recipes and repeat the traditions she taught to you, or catch yourself saying the little things you remember her saying. Love never dies. ((((Hugs)))) and prayers for your grief, dear girl.

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I join in sharing my sadness for you and your family. "All mother's die too young" is what a priest told me years ago when I lost my mother and it still rings in my ears today.

May you find comfort in wonderful memories of her. Sincerely, Mary Ann

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I can only imagine your pain. How lovely for you that you had such a wonderful time with her....I know that those memories were with her when she went to peace.


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Alice... Am so sorry to hear about your Mother's passing. It is so beautiful to hear about the quality time that you had with her and with your Dad. Those are wonderful memories that will stay with you forever and what a blessing for all of you!

You have been a wonderful daughter and you won't regret a minute of the time you spent together.

Blessings to you and your Dad!

BIG HUGS!! Karen

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I, too, am glad you got to have that quality time with her...that is so important.

I got a great card once that said what if the stars in the night sky are windows looking out of heaven. And when we're looking up and making wishes for our loved ones who have departed, maybe they are looking out from the other side of the stars making the same wish for us and sending their love.

Wishing you as much peace and comfort as possible during this time.

And at night, don't forget to look up.


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i'm so sorry for your loss. it sounds like you gave your mother the wonderful gift of your loving presence and comfort. please be gentle toward yourself now...


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will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.bonnie

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I lost my father five years ago. I pray to him during tough times. I think I heard him call my name one day. It was crisp, clear. I had pain for so long and now he helps me during my cancer.

she is still with you. In your heart. Right now I know the pain is so hard you can hardly catch your breath. She wants you to go on like she did.

My prayers for you, I wish you strength and the ability to remember all the times you laughed together. they will come. My sister made us all pillows out of my Dad's old hunting shirts. I couldn't touch it at first; now I hug it.

My love to you and the wonderful daughter you have been. I wish you peace.


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