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need to help my little brother.....

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My thirty year old brother just had a malignant tumor removed five days ago. Preliminary results point to medulla blastoma. I feel utterly helpless, everything on the net insinuates nothing but doom and gloom. What can I do to support him and my my mother physically and emotionally. What can we expect? Any positive stories would be appreciated.

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That no one has responded to your message yet!

First of all, if the doctors were able to remove the tumor, that is great! What can you expect? Well, that depends on what type of tumor, the size, the location, how healthy your brother is, etc. etc....I have read so many different stories on all the different types of tumors and everyone's story is unique.

I know what you mean about everything on the internet being doom and gloom. When I was first told that I probably had a tumor - even before the surgery and biopsy - I began reading everything, looking everything up, studying, wondering and hoping. One thing that I have learned from being on the survivor network(s) is that you can not always go by what you read ("the facts") or by what your doctor says. Things are changing every day. I don't know how many stories I have read where a person says that they were told that they had 6 months to live and ten years have gone by! Just look around on the discussion boards or on the expressions gallery and you will find much hope!

It has only been a year since my diagnosis - a grade II astrocytoma in my left temporal lobe. Had surgery, where 1/2 of it was removed, and then stereotactic radiosurgery a few months later. I have been doing well- all things considered.

A friend of mine once told me “that every day spent worrying was a victory for cancer, and cancer was not entitled to have those days. Beyond that, I determined that whatever the news was it would reach me soon enough: if it was good news, why, then, I had worried in vain; if it was bad news, well, then, it could take its sweet time getting to me AND was an even stronger reason to enjoy my time in the interim”.

Just love your brother, no need to treat him differently, he is still your brother. Listen to him if he needs it or just be his friend and let him know that. (And know how lucky you are to have him! My big brother passed away 6 years ago from a drug overdose - he was only 36. He was gone without my family having the opportunity to truly appreciate who he was.)

Wishing peace for you and your family. Take care!

Michele S.

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I was diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago; have had surgery, radiation, and chemo and all has been well for more than a few months. No sign of tumor after the surgery, in fact. It's shocking and scary at first but it's important to remind your brother to empower himself... Don't let him cry in the corner and mope... I was given a very grim prognosis and I've been entirely cancer free for the past 11 months. Best of luck!

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... and keep positive! It's a blessing he had it taken out earlier on in life... when you're young, you have age on your side. Make sure he sticks to a healthy diet and good mindset! It's worked for me. I just keep a smile on my face about it all.

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