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constipation/diarrhea/low sodium

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mother (76) being treated with chemotherapy for lung cancer. She is frequently constipated. She has been taking laxatives (has tried bran,prunes, fruits/vegetables - nothing works) which gives her diarrhea which leads to her low sodium level. She has been told to drink Gatorade which she dislikes. Is there something she can take to relieve the constipation without having diarrhea. Tx

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Mom had horrible constipation!! She tried everything, and I do mena everything!! What worked best for her was a daily dose of Miralax.

Good luck!

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Went thru the same thing with chemo. Onco office told me to try the Miralax also. Worked great. (love that office, the nurses clip coupons for stuff like that and give them out,lol).

PBJ Austin
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I was not in chemo but when I had my lung surgery the constipation was awful. They tried everything and the only thing that worked were the suppositories. For me the relief came in a matter of minutes. Good luck.

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