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finding a job after cancer

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It's been 3.3 years now. I had non-hodgkin lymphoma back 2007. I spent my next 2 years 2008-2009 resting from medications and I had regular check ups.I'm cured and well now.
I can't seem to find a job or I don't know how to start my life all over again.I want to work abroad but there's no means and ways. Is there a program or a jobsite for cancer survivors to turn to?

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Hi romilda, there is a website called "gettinghired.com" it is for people with all sorts of disabilities. Even if your disability is only fatigue and weakness maybe they can help. I have not tried this website myself, you have to sign up. Take a look and let us know? Good luck in your search and CONGRATULATIONS on being cured and well! You've made it through that you can do anything now! Cat

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Thank you Cat. I really have to move on with life after cancer.
I'll keep you posted.God Bless.Take Care! :D

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hello Catwink22, i just want to ask if I m qualified to join gettinghired . com. Im from Philippines. I tried signing up , but theirs an error on page , which is state is required, Im from the Philippines I don t have state. Im a breast cancer survivor. and i need job. thank you , and hope to hear you soon.. god bless...

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I too had a really hard time finding a job. This was even after my old job had promised a job there when I was better. It took me 2 years and I am just now starting to feel like my life is coming together.

Congrats on moving on and being well.

I don't know of a cancer specific site but have you used www.indeed.com. They are great at emailing you of new openings. I live in a super small town and they even have jobs for me.

Good luck!

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