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News from Shayenne's (Donna) 13 yo daughter

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I got this from Shayenne's daughter a few min's ago~~

Hello Brooks!,
My mom is in the hospital since Sunday i think. Checking for stroke. And maybe cancer in the brain. She had a spinal tap to see if there was cancer in fluid. the results were negative, no brain cancer. Yay!
Now she has to have a lumber puncture to see if nothing is going on with her back and shoulders, to make sure no strokes are coming on, and she said she loves you all!


Lets send some good thoughts/Prayers/ or Good Mojo for her mom and her family

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Please let her know we are praying for her. She just has to be okay.


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Donna..,.get good.... sending prayers and good vibes your way!


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I'm speechless. Shayenne please get well. From the very beginning of my time on this forum I get a smile on my face whenever I see you post because I just LOVE your picture. I always thought "She looks like the life of the party".

I pray that you get well and come back to us soon.


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Thank you everyone that is praying for my mom!

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Thank you for keeping us updated, she will continue to be in my prayers!

Much love and hope for all,


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Thanks for updating us about Shayenne. She is such a fantastic lady. Full of joy, happiness, and truly a blessing to all who read her posts. Please let her and her family know that we are keeping her in our thoughts and in our prayers. Shayenne if you read this keep up the fight. We love you and hope you are back up and going real soon.
Love ya,

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I am sorry to hear this. I hope you are feeling better soon! We really miss you! You are definitely in my thoughts.

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Look forward to seeing you very soon.......Buzz

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Thanks for letting us know Brooks!

Donna, thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!



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I am sending love and prayers to you.


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Oh, dear.

Thanks for letting us know! Donna, we love you! I'm praying for a quick recovery!


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Dear God, please let our friend Donna be okay, please let her recover fast and get home to her family. AMEN...

Thinking of you Donna


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I was stage 3, folfox 7 made me think I had a stroke, brain mri off the wall, walked like and talked like a duck, fell flat down sometimes, drooling. Spinal tap was clear, liver scan showed problems, had liver biopsy, blood, scans. Just reacting to chemo, toxic reaction and other than numb hands/feet doing good, It all came back. So I hope that is all that is happening to Shayenne. Thoughts/prayers with her. Pat

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thank you, Brooks, for letting us know.

Donna, holding you in the Light for a quick recovery and hope you're home soon.
love ya,

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Here's praying that you will come back stronger than ever and able to get just the right clinical trial for you. You are a lovely person who is more than capable of beating the odds.


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We just luv ya!!!! I am praying for you and your beautiful family. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Thanks for letting us know, Brooks.
To Donna and/or Donna's daughter...

I am praying that all will be alright.

Hugs across the miles and prayers are being said right now...


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continue to pray for her and her family. May God give them strength and the courage to get through this time and may he lay his hand on her for healing.

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Please let Donna's daughter know we are all thinking of her. Praying for her, and hope my sis will be back on the board soon.

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Sending prayers.

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Hope your doctors find what might be wrong,remedy it and you get yourself back home.....steve

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Prayers for Donna and her family as they go thru this latest issue.

Thanks Brooks for letting us know.


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I hope you get well soon..

you are in my thoughts and prayers you have been so kind to me


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Hi Donna: thinking and praying for you daily. Hope that your recovery is speedy and complete. Get better soon

Hugs! Kim

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Cheyenne, we are all sending good vibes to your mom, you, and your family. Many here thank the world of your mom and wish nothing but the best for her and her family.

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Prayers and hugs and awesome vibes to all of you.


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Hi Donna, I'm sending prayers your way and hope to see you back on the board very soon. Take care, and best wishes always. - Cynthia

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Paula G.
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So sorry to hear this. Good news nothing in the brain!!! You have my prayers, Donna and are in my thoughts everyday.
I hope you will recover soon and be back on the board. I wondered about why I haven't seen you on the board but to be honest I log on and just read few post. I have had to take a break for a while. Love to you and prayers. Paula

Fight for my love
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OMG,I was wondering why I didn't see Donna's posts recently.Dear Donna,you are in my prayers as always.Get well soon.

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You are such an inspiration to us all. We miss you very much. May the many blessings you've been given continue to radiate within you for the strength you need to come back to be with your family and friends. We love you! God Bless you and your family during this time. Hugs.

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Donna, you are such an encourager to all of us and so positive. I'm always happy to hear from you. Praying things improve quickly and that you feel the love and prayers from all of us here. God bless you sweetie. Thanks for posting Brooks.

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I just said prayer for Donna, yes, she is a fine lady, may God be look after her and family.


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Thanks for letting us know,she has to get better.I'll be praying for her,and sending good vibes.

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You are going to be in my daily prayers,we need you back here on this board to see that beautiful smiling face giving words of encouragement to everyone here.

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Please let her know she is in my thoughts & Prayers. Please keep us updated. God Bless. Margaret

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Donna, I am sending you all the prayers and good vibes that my family and I can generate. You were one of the first to welcome me to theses boards last Nov. You gave me hope at a time I wanted to give up. Please get well and come back to the boards.I always looked for your posts as you are always so upbeat and positive. Blessings to you and your family.


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Nana b
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Thinking of you Donna and praying for your speedy recovery!

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So sorry to hear about this. Please know that you are being prayed for by many folks, including myself. Thanks for letting us know, Brooks and please keep us informed. She will be fine, I just know it. Just a bump in the road.

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Thanks for the heads up on Donna.

Donna and family. So sorry you are having to go through this. You are a strong lady who will survive this. Get your rest and come back here when you can, because we all miss you. I'm sending prayers your way.


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Sending best wishes for your recovery - hospital is a good place to get the care that you need right now. Wish I could talk to you, but recovering from surgery as well and saw this post.

Please get better, my Chicky:)


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Donna, I am praying for you and your family. Brenda

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here's to a speedy recovery

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Cheyenne- I'm so sorry to hear of this set back on your Mom. as you can tell from the responses, your Mom is one hell of a special lady. We love her, and are sending nothing but prayers and positive vibes for her healing. Take good care of her for her Simi-colon friends and take care yourself...thanks for keeping us posted


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I'm sure she will be back on here very soon(:

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Come On Donna! Get better soon! Please!

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