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help mom passed out after chemo

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My mom was on her second day of chemo. She had her chemo at he docots office yesterday and was on the first day of 2 with the pack at home. She passed out. Have any of you had this to occur? Does anyone know anything about this?


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I would often feel dizzy- especially light headed when getting out of bed. Dots in front of my eyes, kinda a black curtain falling over my eyes feeling. Mine was due to blood pressure issues, mine was very low throughout chemo. For me it was a matter of very slowly getting up, letting my body adjust.

After like treatment 8 (I never remember the exact one) I couldn't stand without fainting. I went down many times before calling for an ambulance. That time it was dehydration.

First, I would let your mother's oncologist know what is going on. Then think back to when was the last time she ate or had fluids. Did she faint after getting up from a lying down position? I think all of those questions need to be asked to help avoid fainting in the future.

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After treatment #5, I was at work and passed out cold. Passed out alone, in the file room and slammed my head against the concret floor. I called the Onc and they told me to go to my regular Dr. I had a cat scan, or maybe MRI but the Dr told me I was fine. I just had a bad fall. The Onc increased the magnesium in my system, put in plenty of fluid and I'm now supposed to check my BP before I take my BP meds in the morning. If its low, no pills...I don't know if any of this will help you, but at least its happened to other people too. Thats all I know about it to date.

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Happened to me once -- I passed out cold -- just for a few seconds. For me, it was related to low blood pressure. I learned I have to get up from a lying down position to standing in slow stages. You MUST tell her doctor, who might want to check out various things.....But it does happen to others.

Good luck to you both


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