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Shingles Pain

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It seems like its always something, now hubby has a nasty case of the shingles,
they are finally after 3 weeks healing but the pain is unbelievable and its wearing
him down. He is on Gabapentin, Vitamin C and Oxycodone. Any thoughts any non-drug relief. He hates being drugged up on pain meds. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Has he considered acupuncture?

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My wife had shingles a bunch of years back; One acupuncturist
didn't help, so she tried another and got great results.

If you Google "shingles", you'll find that acupuncture is the most
often recommended procedure, but it's results can vary....

It's that damned chicken pox virus that stays inside us for our
entire lives, coming out every-so-often as "shingles".

Oh well.... just another day in the bucket, ehh?

Hope he feels better.


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