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weird recurrence

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I went and saw the Dr today. My CEAs are still down around 100. Oddly, I think I've had a recurrence at my original sight. It's come on very quick. I go see the surgeon next week. I don't really think this effects my overall approach to treatment. It's just odd that this happened so suddenly, while all my other cancer is stagnant.

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Sorry to hear this; this disease is unpredictable. Please let us know what you find out after you go to the surgeon.

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I hope and pray this is not the case.


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It really isn't that big of a deal. Just another tumor. This does bring in the possibility of needing surgery and a permanent colostomy. That isn't a pleasant thought, but I handled the ilieostomy pretty well. I think I wouldn't have too much of an issue with it. On the bright side, I'll save a bundle on tissue and spend much less time in the bathroom.

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what makes you think you have a reoccurance? Pease keep us posted and let us know what you find out. Hope all is well


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lm sorry your going through this praying for you please keep us updated.

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Hi John,

Bummer- I hope it's not the case, though. I discovered back on my Feb. scan that I had a recurrence in the rectum. I never even had rectal surgery- it went away with radiation and I opted to opt out of the surgery, since it had already spread anyhow. Two years later, I had a 1 cm recurrence lighting up at the same rectal spot. It was slightly smaller in my May scan with everything else being stable. We'll see what this scan in late August shows. CEA has been going down, but I'm just wondering in your case if another surgery really will be needed or not. I guess it would depend upon the size and if there's a blockage.
Mine has not caused me problems & I'm thinking I can just live with it as long as it doesn't grow any larger than it is. Having an ileostomy/colostomy wouldn't cure the cancer overall since I/you still have tumors in other locations. Just some food for thought- many surgeons are deciding on whether or not to remove colorectal tumors on a case by case situation. Maybe yours (if it actually is a recurrence) won't even need removing.

Take care and keep on fighting!

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