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Update on Louann?

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Does anyone have an update on Louann Carper? Just curious how she is doing.

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I asked earlier today about Louann and haven't heard back. Last report was that the swelling (ascities) was due to colon cancer in her spleen and she'd been told 'When you spleen bursts, it's all over'. Those were Louann's exact words. She's very uncomfortable because of the huge amount of fluid in her abdomen.

In the midst of all this, she was not in pain and very upbeat! I'll update tonight if I hear more. I'll be at the free clinic until suppertime.

Posts: 233
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that makes me sad. But I'm glad she is not in pain and in good spirits.

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I'm glad to hear her pain is finally under control. She had a long battle trying to get her doctor's to give her the right pain meds and enough of them. I'm sad that they can't do more for her, like removing the spleen.

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