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Fruits and vegetables cure

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I'd like to hear some thoughts and perhaps contact anyone who has cured cancer through eating raw fruits and vegetables.
Personally, I do believe that this is possible and would like to contact those who have had success with same.

5 years ago I had a a melanoma cut out of my back. It had penetrated 0.6 mm into my epidermis. I had Catscans and other tests and all was clear.
Recently I discovered a lump in under my armpit. I have had a biopsy done and the doctor who did the biopsy has said it aint looking very promising. Tomorrow I get the results.

So, tell me your thoughts, your experiences with foods and cancer, and if anyone here has, or knows of anyone who has cured cancer through eating raw foods I'd very much love to hear from them.


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You will find ALOT of people who believe in this over on another site.

copy and paste this link www.mycrazysexylife.com

I myself,would never pick this over conventional med's, but i am amazed how many people have done this either on its own,or alongside conventional med's.

This site is Chris Karr's site.She lives on juiced,raw veggies only and i believe she was given only a matter of months to live after the docs said there was nothing more they could do.

That was a few yrs ago!

but i dont advocate anyone choosing this over tried and tested conventional med's.

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I agree with M-Star, can't be anything wrong without trying! I still would not do it alone in place of treatment....

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Apparently,if you take your body back to its alkili state by eating only raw,juiced veggies, the body's immune system goes back to it's original mode of fighting ALL diseases. Cancer included. With time and evolution,our bodies immune systems have weakened so much that it cannot fight off serious health issues such as cancer-but it was 'designed' to do so.

This is what i read somewhere when i read up on this raw,juicing diet for people with cancer.

You gotta be pretty committed to eat that green gunk for the rest of your life i can tell ya! But on that website,there are recipes for juices etc that ppl have put on there. Cant help to stregnthen the immune system with them.....if you can stomach them =)

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I am all for finding new ways to beat this crud.......but drinking green goop everyday is just not for me.

I am watching what I eat, and have greatly reduced the sugar since it seems to feed cancer. Look at our Pet scans....radioactive sugar.

Things that make you go HUMMMMMMMMMMMM

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Dixie, that radioactive sugar thing is the first thing that went thru my mind when I went for my pet scan. I did ask why to the radiologist. He said cancerous cells eat up sugar quickley. Being R/A the pet picks it up.

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