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is there a singles, cancer-type dating sight? :) I am in need of one! ;)

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Hi everyone!
I am a 37 yr old,divorced, woman. I had 3 different cancers, 1 each year for 3 years... then the 4th yr, my husband left (hence the divorce).
Anyway, I am now looking to see if there are "cancer people" (patients, survivors, family members of cancer people) who are looking to go forward? I'm ready to try and date, and all the "single" men seem to be freaked out by the cancer history. UGH!!Hello! I am a mom of 2 daughters, work full time, etc.. I want to have fun, date, enjoy life! I don't want to always go places by myself, not if I can enjoy it with someone! geesh!!!
Am I alone in this quest? I figure "cancer people" as I call them, understand to see the beauty in life, and maybe they would "smell the roses" with me, since they have some knowledge about cancer. I just dont know.... Does anyone know if there are other singles like me looking to go forward and enjoy life with a new friend/companion???

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Hi, my husband cheated on me and deserted me. I am still married but did check out a website, you may want to look into. I don't know if you are catholic but here it is site


May be helpful.


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