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Sad Day

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My mother, dearest of all people to me, got the results of Monday's CT scan. The "original" mass on her bladder, debulked 1/22/10, has doubled in size even through 4 courses of Ixempra. There are 2-3 new tumors.

There is one last drug to try, but the tumor assay did not have a favorable response to anything. The doctor was honest in that she didn't think it will buy any more time at this point. The masses are interfering with bladder/kidney and lymph function.

She was told six months. It is time now to make big decisions and plan out the remainder of the year.

I don't know what I will do without my Mama in my life.

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Hang in there and enjoy the time you have together. Take it one day at a time. The six months is just a guess, no one really knows how much time each of us have. You have been there for your Mom during these difficult times. May you continue to be there for her. Wishing you both peace, and comfort for your Mom. In peace and caring.

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Prayers for you during this difficult time. Sometimes the chemo works even though the assays don't show anything promising. I am not pushing chemo though. Palliative care can keep her comfortable or sometimes a surgical procedure to help her with bladder function. Prayers for you; you are a caring daughter!


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Sending healing thoughts to your Mom....you are a great daughter :)


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I'm sorry about the sad news. You, your mom and family are in my thoughts and prayers.

God Bless you at this time. Mary Ann

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What "assay" did you have?

The extreme drug resistance (EDR) assay?

Molecular assay?

Cell Culture assay?

Functional Profiling assay?

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