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Calling senior survivors

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My mom is IIIC. I just need a little encouragement. I go to see her in a few weeks.

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Stage 3 b or c (depending on who you're talking to) I'm a survivor!! Feel free to Pm me

Life is funny sometimes

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senior? define for me please

Posts: 1154
Joined: Jun 2010


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ok that keeps me out
I am in my 50's, must be a junior survivor :)

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Nana b
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We are all survivors but maybe she is referring to the DATE, you know the DATE...five years! :-) That would be great encouragement and I am working on it@

Hope your Mom is doing well!! Hugs!

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I'm stage3c but not 70 only 60 but I have survived nearly 13 years..Ron.

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I will be a five year survivor of stage III colon cancer as of Aug. 12 this year.
I have been cancer free since surgery.

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WOW..... 13 years.... WOW..... That is sooooooo friggin awesome!!!


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at 67and so far so good. 3b dx12/08 and off chemo and ned since 6/09. Not a long time, but so far so good. Pat

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Stage 3 here, treatment ended last august and so far so good!! This is treatable!!

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Although I am not 70 yet but at age 56 I DO get senior discounts and I love it ;) But I know what you are asking.

My Mother-in-law was diagnosed stage IIIb 2 years ago at age 72. She had surgery and chemo and has had 3 or 4 scans and is doing well, and at this time no evidence of disease.She has some lingering effects from the chemo such as neuropathy and fatigue.

I hope your Mother does well with her treatments.

Best wishes,

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I turn 60 in December and am living life to the fullest! Chemo was completed a year ago.

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