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What to expect for first Colonoscopy after a Coloscopy?

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Hello again everyone, I'm so blessed to be here again. I just celebrated my first Birthday July 4 after my Colostomy surgery which was done two days before my birthday on the 2 of July 2009. I thought I really could not get to this point living with this type of surgery but I have and I am still me. But I've got concerns about the first colonoscopy after this type of surgery. What should I expect? I know about the prep, the day before but is there something else I should expect? Does the stoma change? Will there be pain afterwards? This really scares me. If anyone could share their experience on the first one after surgery , I sure would appreciate it.

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I didn't think there was any difference between the two. With a colostomy, I was flat on my back for it, with out the bag, I was on my left side. The only difference. It didn't hurt at all, no stoma changes, no pain after, nothing.

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Let me first assure you, there is nothing to be afraid of. :)
But I understand your trepidation.

First of all the prep.
The only difference here is that you will be given a "mega bag" to wear for the duration of the prep. It's an open bag that reaches down to your ankle, but you fold it up and peg the bottom of the bag to the top, you unpeg to drain it down the "loo". You'll need to keep a jug of water in the toilet to flush it clean after each empty otherwise the end gets really mucky. ewww.
Please note that as "bag" people we have a huge advantage over those poor unfortunates who still have a bottom. We don't have to spend the night glued to the toilet seat getting a sore butt from all the output.

After the colonoscopy.
I found my tummy was achy for a couple of days, and my digestive tract seemed to shut down. Understandable, it's just had big shock. I didn't have output for 9 days afterwards. Not a blockage, just constipation.
On the doctors recommendation I bought some Senna tablets. 1/2 - 1 tablet will be ample to get things moving again.
Don't try to push things through quicker by taking 2 tablets. I tried that with disastrous results that took me over an hour to clean up. (I was changing my bag when the output starting coming with the force of a fire hose, I never knew it could shoot out that far. LOLOL ) Never a dull moment for us Bag Ladies.

Good luck with the procedure, let us know how you went on OK?

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Everyones comments and advice are so helpful. I feel better about this already. Thank you so much. The test is in a couple of weeks. I certainly will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

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(say that five times fast) but after having experienced two, I was thinking of just hanging out in bathtub after drinking that stuff and let it all come gushing out of stoma into tub while I sit reading on a stool......Anyone tried it this way? steve

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I just got back yesterday and I can't believe how well it turned out, probably due to the fact that I was sedated. But when I woke up I felt not one thing. Then I thought this isn't going to look like the way I did before the test. Wrong again, the stoma looks the same. Now the only thing that did concern me was the fact that I haven't had any output yet because, believe me I started making up for the food loss. You said the digestive tract shut down, so I guess that's what's going on I suppose. I had planned on calling my nurse tomorrow if I didn't get any output, although I must say it is rather nice not to.... darn I spoke too soon!
Thank you for the advice and what to expect.

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