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gamma knife how long is procedure

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I am considering gamma knife, I read that they put pins into your skull and put a helmet on you, and it could take up to 8 hrs and an overnight stay at the hospital, anyone had this and what was your experience ?

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My mother had gamma knife radiation done to both her brain and lung. The procedure was at max an hour long from when she was taken back to the room until she was out of the hospital. It's very simple and easy. The pins they drill into your skull are the size of a sewing needle and there are 4 to hold the helmet like structure in place. It worked the first time she had it done to her brain and we're waiting for the results for the second time as well as the one on her lung. I would highly recommend it, this could be what saves you.
The doctor who performed it had been sent to Switzerland to learn how to operate the machine. That's where it was invented years ago but was only recently brought to the US. There are no actual people in the room during the procedure because it is all done by machine.

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I had it last month. The halo was not painful at all - a bit uncomfortable is all. It was a long day but that's it -- a day. The results were very good. Unfortunately my cancer likes my brain so I need this done again. Therefore, next week they are implanting chips in my head so they don't need to keep doing the halo. I just go with it. They said the implants can be used over and over and are no more than the halo to tolerate.

Please just send prayers that this stops for me and the mets begin to stop. Do not be frightened of the gamma knife. It truly is nothing -- just a long day.

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u are a fighter i can see that laura88heep fight and be postive anout the cancer and god has are life planed out from the day we are bornso i will keep praying for you and youre family.keep the faith we go by faith not by sight .god bless u shirley

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So did you have the gamma knife surgery? Just curious as to how you did, what you thought, etc. I had my second one last week. This one they implanted beads in my head so I didn't need the helmet. I hope you are well and I hope if you had the treatment went well. Laura

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