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Hi Jan: I was diagnosed in November 2009, had total hyst six sessions of carbo/tax no radiation. Jan, I was so distraught and even my family that we did not have any questions for the doc. The only time I started to ask questions was when I joined the board here. My surgery was a breeze I had the button holes and was strong as a bull and because of fear of infection in the hospital my daughters and husband brought me home the following day. I am a Jehovah's Witness and opted for a "no blood hospital" in New Jersey, Englewood Medical Center. I had no clue about the ca125 mine is always 12 and 11 but my last visit to my Chemo doc I asked her about the ca125 marker and she said that that does not work for this type of cancer. I had my three month post scan and chest xray and it was NED. Then I had regular three month check up and blood work all good. So I am eight months post op.
I feel very well, but my stomach had started to bother me and I had an endoscopy and was told that I had bacteria in the stomach so I am on antibiotics.
Jan, when I was diagnosed my daughter's friend came over to me and brought me some herbal medicine and Jan I am convinced that these herbs helped me through my surgery and recovery. Then I went to a herbalist and she checked my eyes and told me that I still had some cancer cells hanging around and she gave me some herbal chemo and detox herbs. She said that the scans do not always pick up the small cells and it is funny when I went to the Gastro doc he said the same thing. I will be seeing her soon. But get this, she had also told me that I had the bacteria in the stomach long before the real doc said it, so I do think that these herbalists know what they are about.
Anyway, Jan thanks for your encouraging words, sometimes I remember the cancer and I go into a little depression. My poor husband I complain all the time, but I am going to take your advice and just do my best to relax. I send you lots of love and hugs. your friend June. Hoping to hear from you very soon.


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You're been thru a lot and know you can beat this cancer too. I know some cancers (as in our case) can be aggressive, but we have to fight the fight and never ever give up!!

I tend to hear what the docs tell me about the diagnosis but just don't fret about it...what can I do?? I want to enjoy each day vs. worrying about the cancer I've been given and think positive that I will never see this evil devil back again.

I feel that I have control by eating better, exercising and doing yoga and mind-controlling exercises. Without doing any of this, I'd be at the mercy of the cancer....not going there ever!!!

I wish you well but don't thrive on worry, try to be calm and happy. You'll find that stress and worry bring our immune systems down, which can bring on cancer. Don't go there!!!

Be happy and hang in there, you're a fighter~

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Dear nempark, I found you by accident, I was praying to Jehovah to help me find people who have cancer, to witness to, and I came across your posting. I am a survivor so far, of breast and liver cancer. I have a genetic gene, I inherited from my Grandmother. She battled cancer 3 times before she died from it. She is the reason I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I loved her so much that I needed to know where she was and kept searching.
Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany came to my door and asked me "Have you ever wondered if dead people know what living people are doing?" They used my Methodist Bible like a Doctor, showing me every verse in the Bible that deals with death.
How are you doing with your cancer? You seem open to alternative treatments.
Any way, I have been writing to cancer patients for quite awhile now, hoping to find people who really are looking for hope. And was surprised to find you, I hope you keep recovering very well Warm Christian Love Your sister in faith Susan

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Oh! You don't know how happy I am that you have found me. I did start a thread asking if anyone is a Jehovah's Witness but I got no response. I have been incorporating some scriptures in my writings but still no one acknowledges, you know how that is. Anyway, sister did you read my blog at the top of this page? How long is it now for you? I am now eight months post surgery and I am doing fine. But I find that I can easily slip into a bit of depression. This morning I was in service and called on someone who is almost bed ridden with multiple sclerosis and seeing her in that condition and hearing how positive she spoke gave me some inspiration. So I am a bit perky now.
Did you have your convention yet? Mine was the first one in May. I live in New Jersey. Are you in Germany? Okay my sister, May Jehovah continue to heal you and keep you strong in the faith. Of course you would eventually have found me we are "Jehovah's Witnesses". Love and big hugs. June

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