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Sugar - no. Cinnamon-yes

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As we continue to discuss diet, here's a tip that will help curb your sweet tooth. I use cinnamon in lots of things in place of sugar - cooked cereal, toast, yogurt, etc. It has a high ORAC (antioxidant) rating. Of course, fruit is also a wonderful sugar substitute. Stevia is a non-sugar sweetener.

READ LABELS. Avoid the other substitutes - even Splenda is made from cane sugar. Watch the soy and almond milk sweetened with cane sugar. I use honey sparingly. Don't know about maple sugar which was just recommended for tea.

Does anyone else have suggestions?

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Mary Ann,

Cinnamon used extensively at my home too, especially after reading about high level of antioxidants. Try it in green tea and oatmeal in the mornings, also mixed with my recipe for granola with no sugar.

Sugar wise....no don't use the "artificial" types such as Equal, etc. Do use Stevia and Agava Nectar sparingly as reading up as raise the glucose levels in our bodies.

Really what has helped me is to just stop adding any sweetner types and it's amazing how our bodies adjust. Don't need the Stevia in much as taste buds have changed. I'm a huge fruit person now -- grapes (US grown), berries -- raspberries and blueberries (all organic).....yummie!!

Maple sugar...I question that ingredient in the drink recipe as well.

Happy Monday~


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A strong word of caution - SUGAR is our ENEMY. It feeds CANCER.

Don't sabotage your future by feeding the beast. We need to starve the beast and make our bodies inhospitable (alkaline). Take heed, ladies.

Let's live long and prosper. Mary Ann

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