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When did the cancer go away?

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I was diagnosed with large b-cell non-hodgkins with characteristics of hodgkins (gray zone lymphoma) in March. I am doing six R-CHOP treatments. After 2 cycles I had a CT scan done. The cancer had improved some. After the 4th cycle I had a PET scan done. The cancer was "better". Just wondering after what treatment cycle had other people's cancer started to go away or had completely gone away.

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i have no idea with mine i'm afraid.
I had 5 out of 6 chemo treatments,followed by 4 weeks of mantle radiation, and then i was told i was ok. I don't even remember them doing a final scan after my treatments were over. But that was nearly 20 yrs ago since my Dx.

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My husband is the one with Follicular stage 4 NHL. He is going to have 9 R-CHOP cycles total, after the 4th cycle he had a CT scan which like you showed some imrovement, but the lymph nodes were still enlarged, and his spleen only shrunk half a centimeter only. He will be having a PET scan next week before he has his 7th cycle. We are praying he is completely clear this time and cancer free.

Good luck for you too. Have you gone for your 5th cycle or not yet?

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Good luck to your husband as well. I have had my 5th treatment. One more to go. The doctor said if there was no cancer after the 6th treatment cycle, I probably wouldn't have to do radiation. I'm a 31 year old mother with a 3 and 1 year old. Just like your husband, I'm sure, I'm ready to put this behind me!

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