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My Mother check up due on thursday

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Hi All,

My mother 3 months check up due on 1 july 2010. Please pray for my mother.God will bless her good health.

I don't think she deserve it all this thing niether of us deserve this....................

God Bless her and you also.

Quick Remind she had grade 1 stage 3c endo adneco................

In india, doctor does only ultrasound on check up and pap smear plus physical pelvic exam.

She had last CA125 was 5.6 which was last oct 2009.

They never did after and she had 5 ultrsound after that.

I am sometimes become so nervous in england ....................

But you guys make me strong by telling positive stories.

Thanks Kumar

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Wish the best for your mom as she'll be in my prayers!!!

Did you mention she's in India? Interesting how each part of the world works with diseases differently. Keep us posted on her appointment as we care.


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Pray 4 me

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We will keep you in our prayers. Let us know how it goes on the 1st.


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Kumar....am thinking about you and your Mom and sending positive thoughts to you both. Am hoping she has a good report on Thursday!

I am sure it must be hard when you are England and she is in India. Hope everything is good news!

Keep us posted!

Cindy Bear
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Hi Kumar. We will be thinking about your mom (and you!) and praying for good results. Please keep us posted. You are right, no one deserves this horrid disease.

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You and your Mom will remain in my prayers. Hoping for a good check-up for her. In peace and caring.

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Hoping her checkup is all ok...hugs to you. Let us know how it goes, please.

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Sending healing thoughts and prayers out to your Mom in India :)

Please keep us posted on her progress.


Posts: 109
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Thanks everyone.

Cheers Kumar

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Cecile Louise
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I join all the others in sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and your Mother.


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