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husband has stage four esphogeal cancer now met to his brain

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My husband was having balancing issues and heaches, ct scan and mri showed l 1/2" tumor to his cerebellum area of his brain. he has to wait two weeks until chemo is out of him then they are suggesting radiation. Does anyone know anything about cancer to this part of the brain and also about radiation, what to expect, side affects, etc. thanks so much

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Hi there,
my 12 yr old daughter has anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3. She was having balancing issues, headaches and vomiting. MRI showed golf ball size tumor in her cerebellum. They removed the tumor and is now on Temador and having radiation. She is almost done with her treatments. 42 days of chemo and 7 weeks of radiation. The only side effects so far are that she is tired towards the end of the week and she has lost her hair where they are doing the radiation. Are your husbands Dr.'s going to remove the tumor? I'm so sorry that you and your husband have to go through this. Cancer sucks and if the government would spend more money on cancer research instead of sending a robot to Mars to collect soil samples we would probably have a cure by now. Good luck and my prayers are with you both.

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Yes, I do know a little about this. I am a nurse, caring for a patient with esophageal cancer, recently mets to the brain. My patient just finished several days of radiation and is actually doing much better. She was having balance issues and the big problem now is short term memory loss. Where do you live?

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I live in South Weymouth, Mass. they are not doing surgery but was thinking of stereoradiation, but he was not a candidate due to the size and location, too close to his brain stem. He was having balancing issues with headaches, they put him on steroids to reduce the swelling, we are starting radiation, whole head radiation, for three weeks, fifteen sessions. where do you live? What can I expect from this treatment plan, I am very worried about it, he was stage four with mets to liver, stomach, pelvis back in October, did almost 9 round of chemo and then this brain met showed up. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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