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Did anyone have this post hysterectomy

hopeful girl 1
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I had my radical hyterectomy and removal of some lymph nodes back end of March 2010, and I have three chemos under my belt. I still have some puffiness on my lower left side post surgery. I always ask my surgeon (who is also my oncologist) about it at each visit and he presses on it and so forth and tells me it is fine and is still healing.
Did anyone else have this? Is it from cutting into the muscle to operate? I just am always told it's fine and part of healing process and it will go away.

lindaprocopio's picture
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I actually have a slight swelling that comes and goes right over the pelvic bone. Scared me the 1st time it swelled up, right after an 11-hour flight to Greece. I had it looked at several times in the past also, but my oncologists think it is just a form of lymphodema, that fluid is getting hung up there just like it does in my ankles. I had 25 lymph nodes removed with my original surgery (Oct. 2008) and 28 rounds of pelvic radiation last summer that also radiated the lymph nodes I still have down there. The swelling comes and goes and has never gotten bad enough that you could see it through my clothes. Hope that helps.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

I also had lymph nodes removed but I had lymph nodes (aorta) removed rather than pelvic per my understanding. I did had the lymphodema in my legs and feet post surgery but that went away. My surgeon who is also my oncologist does not seem concerned-I have him look at him every time I see him which is about every three weeks. He says it is just healing.
It seems to me it is alittle puffier at times than it was back a a month or so ago and I told him that but he does his thing, presses it, has me cough and presses etc and says it is ok. Maybe is is the same as you mention. I will be asking again this next time I see him because I am going to start the radiation part of my therapy in a couple of weeks.
I am on the 3 chemos/radiation/3 chemos program.

Thanks for you input.

You look great-I follow a lot of your posts and your pics post cruise are beautiful.
The trip must have been wonderful.

Peace and healing.

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