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Thyroid Cancer and No Insurance?

ldready Member Posts: 5
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I was just wondering if anyone out there knows of any type of assistance available. I've been trying to look around online but I can't find anything. I recently got let go from my job and my insurance is going to drop at the end of this month and I have all of my one-year tests and check-ups coming up next month. They offered for me to keep my insurance through COBRA, but its so expensive that I can't afford it even with my unemployment checks. I really am just at a loss, so if anyone knows of any organizations out there or anything like that, i would really appreciate any info.


  • HeartofSoul
    HeartofSoul Member Posts: 729
    depending on what state you
    depending on what state you live, some may have med ins pools. For Calif, they have one but the waiting list is at least a yr. also call American Cancer Socitey at 800-227-2345 24/7 for further suggestions.
  • veronica57
    veronica57 Member Posts: 98
    I have insurance through my local social service office. It's optima health, an hmo. But so many doctors refuse to take it.