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small things..

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Hey people...yeah, small things can make me happy...so I'm happy. I've got a front basket on my bike!!!!:) Now, I don't have to carry my Mom in my backpack, but rather have her sit in the basket, and see things while I'm biking! :) So, yesterday I already biked around some, and I will bike around more today, so that she'll see the new place where I live. :) I'm so happy! :) It feels great...:)
Have a nice weekend to you all! :)

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I carry my mother around in my travel bag so she goes with me every time I travel out of town! That basket on your bike sounds awesome! Have a great day!

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Good for you! Biking is such great exercise + I love how you can run errands, etc., while biking. I love the breeze on my face when on a bike. I haven't been on mine yet this year but you are inspiring me to try it out. I bet your Mom is enjoying the front basket much more than the backpack!

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You never cease to amaze me young lady.............You are my Shining Star......Lots of Love and Big Hugs......Clift

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Yea for you! We we are home in Holland, we almost never use our car...everyone rides bikes!!!

All I have is a 'saddle bag' on my bike...but it's good for groceries from the store (keeps the bugs out...lol!).

Hugs, Kathi

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This is awesome. You are an amazing Kid.
Stay strong one day at a time.


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@Mary: I am glad to hear that you also carry your Mom along...mine is ALWAYS coming with me...I cannot let her alone!!!
@Anne: thanks :)
@Buzz/Clift: Awe...I'm not that amazing...I just miss my Mom..that's all.
@Kathi: this place where I live is actually called the 'capitol of bikes'
@Saffie: Nice to meet you here...and thanks for your compliment...

Take care everyone! Biking around with Mom yesterday was just great!!! And today when I woke up I realized that she left last year tomorrow (22nd)...but I whispered her that I won't let her die again...she'll live this time!!! Hard to believe I made it...although I feel like crap, but that's okay...*humpf*
Have a nice week to you all!!! I love you all!!!

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and many others...everywhere I go...in my heart, where they stay safe and warm.

Hugs, Kathi

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Hey Sophie. I am so glad to see that you are feeling better. I think I will tell my daughter about this...might be a good idea for her when my time comes to cross over.

I so admire you girl! Keep the chin up. I think you are one strong young lady.

All my best wishes for you Sophie.


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Sophie, i'm so thrilled that you've found a way to cope with your tragedy. I agree with Clift, you are an amazing person, with an incredibly strong heart and will. Your determination just may change the world, and i hope i'm still around to see it when it happens.

Congratulations on the basket!

Love ya!

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I obvioulsy dont get around on here enough, because this is the first post I have read from you. After reading more, I agree with others and you shouldnt sell yourself short, you ARE an amazing girl. I love the basket on the bike. I have three pewter angels attached to my "bike" jacket. One for each of my girls so they are always with me when I ride, I think its great that you honor your mother in this way, and have found peace in it for yourself. GOOD FOR YOU!

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