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after liver resection

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For those fellow liver resectionee's, did you have a bulge on your side for some time? my side is still has a little bulge, not painful, but I have the full feeling all the time. My resection was in the beginging of April.

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Hi just wanted you to do my husband had his resection two year ago and still has a bulge but no pain so maybe it is normal.

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My liver resection was in May 2008 & I do still have a bulge just above my scar in one place. If I were to wear a very form fitting shirt, the "pouch" could be seen a little. It doesn't look like a fat roll- it's going at an angle along my scar. I guess I will probably always have it. It seems like it may have been how I was sewn together (or stapled?) inside there. It's finally just in the past couple of months- 2 yrs after the fact- that my formerly numb spots feel normal again. The area of my incision and a couple other spots on my abdomen were very sensitve for a long time- even letting the shower water hit me there hurt. After a few months, it didn't hurt there anymore. I never had any problem with infection or any problems with healing up from the surgery, so that wasn't what caused the pain or sensitivity- I think it was all nerves from being cut.
I can also relate to the full feeling you talk of. It takes a while for the swelling to go down inside you.

Take care,

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My entire torso is a road map of nasty bumps and scars and i have bulges all over...not sure if they'll ever go away

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