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sorry its been a while UPDATE

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Hey ladys its been such a busy few weeks for me i have not been able to log on much i wanted to update we found out when my radition would be three treatments instead of five i may have all ready updated that ? but im freaking out they say they will put a pee back in me and then the thing that goes inside of me to .

its june 23rd,june 30th and july 7th all 11 AM i want this over with then i see the cancer doctor again in AUG for a check up and ill go back to the radition doctor about 1 month after my last radition treatment a Question i have is this

he said he is not gonna give me the dialter for 1 month after my last radition treatment is this right ?


well i been having pains in my pelivc area of course my deepest fear was the cancer back or was it somthing elis so i went to the er all they did was take an EX and they didnt fine a problam but i have a UTD infaction but they clam that should not cause the pain im in so i dont no im in bad pain so next step family doctor or should i let the cancer doctor no ?

not sure

anyways thats a small update on my medical stuff for now im not looking forward to

the radition treatments

god bless


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I think pain is always concerning but it seems that you should get treated for the infection - do you mean UTI???? That may be the cause of the pain and then once that is ruled out you can go from there.

Don't know if my input is helpful. I wish you well. Mary Ann

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Hi they found infaction in my pee so i think its UTI not sure what they called that not sure i understand medical terms but urin track infaction is what it is and im on pills for three days to treat that but ya i was concerned with pain

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