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Hi everyone I please ask you for your help,

Recently, about a month ago, my Uncle John Panico, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I do not know many details of his cancer but from what I know I am writing this letter to you. He survived by his Daughter, my cousin, Erica Panico, and his sister Donna Lewis. I was in shock when I was told that he had cancer, I thought to myself why him? Why does this have to happen to the good people in this world? My Uncle John had the biggest heart you will ever come across in your lifetime. He was constantly helping people around him and you can tell it made him feel good, that he was doing that. When they found out he had cancer they decided to do a surgery to help remove/stop the cancer. From what I was told when they went to do the procedure they found out that it had spread everywhere, and it was basically already in stage 4. They continued with the procedure. After it was done they decided to start him on treatments of chemotherapy. That was the last I had heard about his diagnoses. With Erica by his side every step of the way during the past month it has been an intense struggle for him. Early in the morning on Wednesday, May, 26th 2010, he lost his battle with cancer. I can not even begin to feel or describe how much this is affecting Erica and the rest of our family.
Erica is only 24 years old. She recently, in June of 2009, graduated from Penn State University, with a major in Marketing, and a minor in Journalism. After she graduated she moved to Bayonne to stay with her father and find a job out here. Erica is currently holding a substitute position in our town of Bayonne, New Jersey’s Board of Education. She recently applied to attend graduate school to receive her Masters degree. I am trying to do research on finding a scholarship for Erica to cover the expense of graduate school or creating a scholarship in memory and honor of her father John Panico. I feel the need to do this because her and I grew up together and are extremely close, and share so many things in common with one another. She has been through so much recently, I give her so much credit for standing by her father’s side during his fight with cancer. She even made all of the arrangements for the funeral and memorial services by herself during this difficult time. I know how expensive undergraduate school is because I am attending it now, and just the build up of her expenses from Penn State plus now when she goes to attend graduate school are just going to be way too much for her to handle.
If there is anything you could do to help me in creating or even finding a scholarship to cover Erica’s graduate expensive I would so greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so very much for taking the time and reading this.

Jarrett Lipinski

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Hi Jay
Sorry for your recent loss. I lost my father to ec this past March. This is such a thoughtful, caring, loving thing you are trying to do for your cousin. The only thing that comes to my mind is in asking your local church or temple to do a fund raiser. Have yard sales, bake sales. Contact the school she will be attending and ask about their scholarship programs. Best of luck to all. Let us know how you make out.

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