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Dencil and 5 week follow up after surgery

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Hi to all~~~

Just a post about Dencil's 6 week follow up apt.
I let him go by himself and the dr. said ,well glad to see
the spouse is not w/you , as that means you are doing well...:-)

He gave him Cialis to take 1/2 tab every day and then a whole tab
on the (special days) :-)
He also made him an appointment with someone that will teach him how
to use a pump device...and since I wasnt there , I am kinda in the dark
about that... so I am relating this second handed..
but he talked about the pump and then some kind of clip to clip the
erection and to keep it from being lost....sounds barbaric to me~~~

Am I talking a foreign language or does anyone understand this ??
maybe someone who is in the know can explain??

anyways...hope all is well with all of you and that your recovery's are
going well...it is very nice here right now in central missouri....

**Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his Righteousness and all these
other things will be added unto you.**

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Evagirl, Glad to her Dencil is progressing. I've not used a pump but I'm sure others will respond. From What I have read part of the device has a ring like apparatus. After you are done 'pumping' and remove the pump then the ring is left at the base of the penis to hold the blood in the penis. I've heard some say that the erection will 'look different' when using the pump and that it will feel colder then with normal blood flow. Again I'm not sure since I've not used one, just going by what I've read.

FYI in case you didn't know the pills don't just work magic. Dencil will most likely need lots of stimulation by you or himself with the pills to get an erection. I've found it works best on an empty stomach and he might want to take some tylenol, aspirin or what ever he prefers to conteract the side effect of headaches. I usually take 2 advil along with the Levitra and it definetly helps with the headache.

The pills for me are getting better and better at 10 months post surgery! So tell Dencil to keep working on the rehab!


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It's a ring that is placed at the bottom of the pump then slipped off onto the base of the penis after it's pumped up. They actually sell them at sex shops seperately for anyone to use...I have never liked or used them...because to me I'm with you and think it also seems barbaric, it's like strangling the poor guy...but for some it's the only answer to maintain an erection. I thought you were considering HIFU...is that what you did or open or robotic??

Randy In Indy

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I bought a pump and played with it a few time but did not like it...I use it as a "door stop" now :-)... I personally would see how the ED drugs work over the course of a few months like many would before deciding if they work or not... My doctor has me doing Cialis and injection therapy that has been working great for me since the 3rd week of post surgery....So give it some time and believe I would not expect any miracles right away (with injections you can)with Cialis, etc... but from what I read here the ED drugs have good results for many...best of luck

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