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Will my body

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has finally told me I am getting up in age or it is getting back at me for putting it through so much over the last 4 years.

I was told last week at the ripe old age of 45 that I am going through menopause, whoopi :) The only symp so far are the hot flashes throughout the day and especially at night. Constantly waking up and throwing off the covers and then putting them back on. It's a game the covers and I play throughout the night :)

The only down fall I see right now is that my intimate desire (sexual) has dropped, but thankfully I have a understanding a husband and we are working through this.

If there are any women out there that would not mind providing me some intimate help, it is greatly accepted.

FOR ALL THOSE FIGHTING THE FIGHT, stand tall, stand firm, and look the devil square in the eyes without blinking and he will blink.

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Hi Nudg

It's hard when our bodies turn on us and begin to betray us. After all, we only got the ONE, and it is has to make it as far down the road as we can drive it.

It seems in our 40's is when the breakdown begins and I'm sure we all agree that Cancer and its treatments and its surgeries, certainly ADVANCED the process and moved the clock forward so to speak.

Sux! Plain and simple.

As long as we still got our hearts and our minds, we simply change from the physical bodies we relied upon and substitute our mental and spiritual bodies in its place.

I can't speak for the ladies on the other topic, but am sure they will have some sage advice.

Can I get you to smile if I put on a Redskin jersey and dance around? LOL:)

Ain't gonna' happen, but I saw you grin!

Seriously though, I'm sorry we all have to go through what we do and I hope the transition will be a smooth one.

I'm reminded of the episode on "All in the Family" where Edith is going through the change of life. One minute she's raging - the other she's crying. And Archie knows not which way to go.

That has got to be a tough part of a woman's life to have this happen.

I got a giggle out of the "cover" game you play - I do that one too and I don't think "I'm changing." Maybe I am and don't know it, LOL:)


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I was plunged into early chemo induced menopause at the age of 41. My very first day of my Folfox treatment back in Sept '07 was also the first day of my very last period. I thought maybe it would come back, but no- haven't had a period since, so it was deemed menopause (confirmed by hormone tests). I was someone who had, for whatever unknown reason, already suffered from hot flashes most of my adult life. Since official menopause, they have been unbearable. They go in phases where sometimes they're worse and sometimes better, but never gone. Even this morning, I woke up drenched in sweat- an awful feeling. I have taken numerous supplements for it- soy isoflavenes, black cohosh- even had my acupuncture directed at it this past week. Nothing has helped. The supplements used to help quell the night sweats, but now the supplements seem to be doing nothing.
I sure hope your experience isn't as bad.
Oh- within a year of menopause, I noticed that my neck and chest skin no longer seemed as firm and started getting "crepey", in spite of the fact that I had always had lovely skin and used moisturizers, etc. faithfully every day. Maybe some of that was from the chemo too.

Sorry you've also been thrust into the wonderful world of menopause at an early age. It does make me feel a decade older than I am, mentally, just because now I buy skin products for "mature" skin with pictures of older women on the container and I'm only 43!

Best wishes!

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For hot flashes, try to keep cold water handy. I keep a carafe by my bed, and I always carry a travel mug with ice water. Helps a lot! For daytime, dress in layers, so you can add or delete as needed.


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My husband is a keeper - very patient. I never dreamed my libido would (could) drop this low.

Tried HRT (Estratest: estrogen + testosterone) - made me gain wt, but didn't help what I wanted helped.

A friend suggested "toys" - vibrators. Some alone time with those has brought some responsiveness back (wishing for more). However, husband appreciates the increased response.

Hot flashes haven't been a problem for me. Dryness "there" and loss of libido have been problems. Dryness was resolved by Vagifem estrogen (estradiol) vaginal tablets.

Good luck! No fun, but we all have to get through this somehow.

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BUT, as I said in an earlier post, my bedroom activities, with a total hysterectomy, and radiation, are back!!!!

So, it is possible...ask me anything...lol...

Hugs, Kathi

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58 here, and looking for suggestions to "get the groove back" - I want to want to, and the aforementioned toys have helped, but not enough. (Total hysterectomy and IP chemo)

Kathi - if you have more suggestions...

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Here's a link for you to look at. Haven't tried it yet but plan on it when I get done working for the school year.


I'm hoping for any results from pain and dryness. :)


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