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update on me

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I was going to post this last night, but the site started being really slow, and I gave up. I saw my doctor yesterday, and he gave me a prescription for hydrocodone for pain. I can only take that at night, because it knocks me right out. My good doctor also gave me the kindly talk about stress reduction, which is something I'm working on (not very successfully). He also advised me to not take Phenergan via IV again, because that was quite a ride for me.

So, I'm still in pain, still taking it really easy on what I'm eating, and very worn down. But he did hear "good bowel sounds" and feels like it's my IBS giving me a real fit at the moment.

So I've had a quiet birthday celebration today, but hoping to feel better on the weekend and celebrate with all the kids.


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I hope you feel better, I like to think of birthdays as me saying F*ck You to cancer

*flips cancer the bird*

I hope you have many many more birthdays!

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I couldnt have said it any better

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hope you feel better soon. Hope you have a restful, peaceful weekend.
In the Light,

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well it seems there is no bad news there so that is good news Gail

Happy birthday to you..hope you have a restful weekend.

Gail have you ever tried yoga? I guess it depends upon finding a really good teacher but I started last fall and now I can't imagine my life without it. It is a great stress reducer..very very calming...oooooonmmmmmmmm :) :)

big hugs back at you


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It seems during every 365-day cycle, there are going to be some stretches along in there, where the ol' pipes clang and bang and just give us fits.

It's those days that make us appreciate the other good days when things are working better on our insides.

I do much better than I was back when - but still there are days and periods of time when things just let me know where I've been and that I could end right back there again, if something doesn't sit well.

I got a grin out of a post yesterday when someone mentioned that our digestive system actually run the body and nothing else. Years ago, my GI doc used to tell me the same thing. And we know it's true - when the pipes are hurtin, you're hurtin'.

Looks like we all just have to buckle up and hold on for the ride - as most things, it will pass.

Sorry you are hurtin', Toots:) I've been on a bad run myself this week.

Guess that's why they call us Semis; :)

Get better - and Happy 5-7! Hope you can feel better and enjoy yourself this w/end.


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Hi Gail,

Belated Happy Birthday! Thanks for updating us. I hope you are feeling great very soon!

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So sorry you are in pain, but do hope that new medicine works out for you. Wish he could find something for you to take during the day as it seems if you only take it at night, you just get drugged out and then sleep. Should be something to help during the day. Hope you had a happy birthday and hoping that this weekend celebration brings you lots of laughs and fun. Hope you feel better soon.


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as a big bash....

I'm turning 55. My beau wants to throw a big bash...I told him no...we are going to Germany instead...

Hugs, Kathi

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I wish you could get something to help during the day as well, but hopefully the quiet the hydrocodone provides at night will allow for some daytime relief as well. I sure hope this weekend is better and you are able to enjoy some celebration of another year gone by! Did your doc consider hyocyamine? It's an anti spasmodic for the colon and might provide better relief than the hydrocodone. Just a thought.

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And i hope you feel better soon and have a fun weekend with the kids


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Thanks, everyone! I felt better enough tonight to go see a movie with Bill, and tomorrow we're going to do a mission event for our church at a food pantry. I might be hurting, but at least I can help somebody else have something to eat!


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Happy Birthday!


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Joined: Feb 2008

Thanks, Mike!


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