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Dennis Hopper

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Posts: 89
Joined: Aug 2009

I just saw a notice on MSN that Dennis Hopper died today with the inference that it was due to prostate cancer. It said he was diagnosed Oct 09.

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Posts: 97
Joined: Nov 2008

I just read the news myself. I enjoyed his acting a great deal, especially in a few of my favorite films, Apocalypse Now to name one. He always had an animated way with his acting that made him very interesting to watch on the screen. His celebrity status brings a spotlight to this cancer and just how deadly it can be to a man. My sympathies are with the Hopper family.

Posts: 169
Joined: Dec 2009

He did have very advanced prostate cancer.

Posts: 797
Joined: Jan 2010

For some reason I thought he was being treated some years ago for this but I read the same thing as you did that it was very recent and advanced...As bad as this sounds it is good that people reading the story start thinking that PCa is not this "slow" grwing never going to kill you cancer... May he RIP loved many of his movies

Best to all

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Posts: 174
Joined: Apr 2009

I believe I heard that Hopper had PCa many years ago. It appears it went wild about a year ago. Would like to know what he did to treat it?
What a life he led. Starting as a teen in James Dean movies, TV, directing, painting, 5 wifes, 4 kids.....he indeed lived large. I always think of his Easy Rider movie that I took my ex (who I was dating at the time) to see. She fell asleep....I thought it was a terrific film about that era. I should have dumped her then................
Dennis Hopper....all I can say is "Shine on you crazy diamond".

hopeful and opt...
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in Oct or Nov..........he was treated at USC.............his cancer was too advanced for chemo.

Sorry to lose a a brother to the beast.


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