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cancer diagnosis

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I'm new here.i was just diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in my right lung. mets to two lymph nodes and 3 small spots on my brain <1cm. I am 42 years old and active and healthy otherwise. I will be starting radiation on my brain this week. with chemo to follow. I have a great support system in my family and great doctors. I have hope and faithin god that i will be around for a few more years. I just found this site take much hope for your stories. I am scared but will face this enemy down. any advice would be appreciated

kevin v

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Just keep checking the site for encouraging comments from the many cancer SURVIVORS here! At first I found I needed to "hit" the site about 6 times a day to read something encouraging to get me through the next few hours. Your faith in God is a great blessing as well!

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thanks for the support. This whole thing just came out of the blue a couple of weeks ago. I am still feeling fine and lung function in completely normal according to the pulmonologist. i'm lucky that a live near a good cancer center in madison wi. everyonethere has treated meas a person and my oncologist will not give up on me. I have faith that I can beat this thing back. all of the good stories on here lift my spirits when i'm a little down. getting radiation for the three small spots in my brain starting tomorrow. he is pretty confident that will work sin all are less than 1 cm in size. i'l keep you in my prayers god and i are talking a lot more lately.

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Hi Kevin,

Anita is right, this is the site to be on. There are a lot of us who are newly diagnosed and also those who have been around for a long time despite the statistics. I was dx in January. My doctor gives me little hope but I do my best not to listen to him. I have tumors in my left lung, liver, mediastinum and extensive lymph node involvement. I have been doing pretty damn good considering. no new symptoms or decline. Best of luck and my prayers are with you!

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This is a great site and you need to keep writing as much as you need to. I have had lung cancer 2 times and chemo once. They were 11 years apart. Take one decision at a time and try and focus on that. You must feel overwhelmed and shocked right now. That will pass and you will be clearer in how to handle all of this. There's so many new techniques, medicines and research going on. I urge you to contact the American Cancer Society for any guidance that you need. They provide and incredible amount of services and have a wealth of information.

Hang in there, you'll do just fine!!!


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Hi Kevin,
I too had a large tumor on my right lung with 3 nodes involved. I had 33 radiation treatments and 2 rounds of chemo in Nov and Dec of 2009. I've had 2 PET scans since and tests on 3 fluid drainings and all were negative! I'm experiencing some radiation side effects and trying to grow my hair back but I doing great! I'm 58 and I too am healthy otherwise. I was able to continue working while I had treatment. Be confident that you too will do fine.
Take advantage of this site, the people are awesome, I've learned so much, mainly, that I am not alone. And neither are you.

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Got back from the radiology oncology dept. I start treatment on ties and will be part of a trial to prevent short term memory loss. Everything is in gods hands now. I am still healthy feeling and plan on stcking around despite the averages. Right now I'm doing better than 99per cent of peoplewith this. I'm going to keep it that way.

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Glenna M
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You sound like you have an awesome attitude which will help you during your treatment and recovery. Just keep telling yourself that "you can do it". It's a rough road but I know you can handle it.

My best to you and your family - Glenna

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